We have listed all our Ancient Civilians here in one place to make them easier to pick out from their various ranges. We have also included a couple of nice character packs and some stone throwing peasant types. The first 9 packs were sculpted by Andrew Ellis and the rest by Michael and Alan Perry, Rob Baker, Michael Percy, Mark Copplestone, Steve Saleh and Dave Gallagher.

Further down the page the images click through to their relevant ranges. Check out our range of animals here.

Ancient Farmers
Ancient Farmers - CIV009
ancient townsfolk
Ancient Townsfolk - CIV010
angry farmers
Angry Farmers - CIV011
roman nobles and ladies
Roman Nobles And Ladies - CIV012
Ancient Slaves
Ancient Slaves - CIV013
armed civilians and slaves
Armed Civilians And Slaves - CIV014
ancient traders
Ancient Traders - CIV015
revolting civilians
Revolting Civilians - CIV016
the vineyard
The Vineyard - CIV017
civilians and casualties
Bronze Age Cilivians and Casualties - BRNZ016
egyptian noble household and soldiers
Egyptian Noble Household & Soldiers Training - E028
egyptian and nubian civilians
Egyptian & Nubian Civilians - E029
Canaanite Civilians and Hittite Casualties
Canaanite Civilians And Hittite Casualties - HIT005
gallic characters
Gallic Characters - GL014
Proximus the Slave Trader
Proximus the Slave Trader - CR054
Germanic Women
Germanic Women - AG018
late roman civilians
Late Roman Civilians - LR039
Pict Characters
Pict Characters - PICT008
Greek Slingers
Greek Slingers - WG087
Narcissus and the Heroines
Narcissus and the Heroines - WG168
celtic priest and wild boar hunt
Celtic Priest And Wild Boar Hunt - GPR009
ancient monks
Jolly Monks - GPR029
Ancient four wheeled cart
Four Wheeled Cart - GPR011
Ancient four wheeled cart
Four Wheeled Cart - GPR015

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