Our Gladiators were sculpted by Steve Saleh, Mark Copplestone, Josef Ochmann, Mark Simms and Shane Hoyle.

Saleh's Survivors - GLAD011

Left to right: Mirmillo, Retiarius, Mirmillo, Charon (the Stygian Boatman), Hermes Psycopomp (Escorter of souls to the Underworld), Samnite.

28mm gladiators
Prime Contenders - GLAD012

Hoplomachus, Samnite, Thracian, Retiarius, Laquearius, Hoplomachus.

wargames foundry gladiators
Circus Favourites - GLAD013

Mirmillo, Velite, Dimachaerus, Dimachaerus, Casualty, Secutor.

gladiator miniatures
Colosseum Champions - GLAD014

Secutor, Retiarius, Female Samnite, Dwarf Hoplomachus, Thracian, Hoplomachus.

Copplestone's Conquerors
Copplestone's Conquerors - GLAD015

Dwarf Dimachaerus, Hoplomachus, Female Samnite, Secutor, Retiarius, Thracian.

Spirited Underdogs
Spirited Underdogs - GLAD016

Mirmillo, Hoplomachus, Retairius, Casualty being dragged away, Thracian.

Slave Warriors
Slave Warriors - GLAD017

Thracian, Hoplomachus, Female Mirmillo, Dwarf Mirmillo, Female Retiarius, Dwarf Retiarius.

Hoyle's Heroes
Hoyle's Heroes - GLAD018

Hoplomachus, Female Thracian, Dwarf Thracian, Female Dimachaerus, Hoplomachus, Dwarf Hoplomachus.

The Emperor's Favourites
The Emperor's Favourites - GLAD021

Gladiator, Emperor Nero, Venator, Cestati, Gladiator, Pugilarius.

The Emperor's chosen
The Emperor's Chosen - GLAD022

Thracian, Pugilarius, Emperor Titus, Retiarius, Dimachaerus, Velite.

Arena Champions
Arena Champions - GLAD023

Murmillo, Minos the Beast, Thracian, Female Thracian, Murmillo, Venator/Bestiarius.

Kev's Crowd Pleasers
Kev's Crowd Pleasers - GLAD024

Thracian, Murmillo, Secutor, Secutor, Thracian, Thracian.

Colosseum vanquishers
Colosseum Vanquishers - GLAD025

Thracian, Secutor, Provocator, Murmillo.

Kev's Conqueror's
Kev's Conquerors - GLAD026

Venator/Bestiarius, Venator/Bestiarius, Dimachaerus, Dimachaerus, Dwarf Dimachaerus, Venator/Bestiarius.

Equites - GLAD027
Great Big Bellicose Bears - GPR019
Lions - GPR023

The Roman Empire logo.png 

caesarian romans nav image nav image.pngCAESARIAN ROMANS

These are the men who came, saw and conquered the British Isles lead by Julius Caesar in 55-54 BC. Caesar also led them against the Roman Senate itself in 49 BC, defeating his rival Pompey at the battle of Pharsalus. They were also, of course, the same Romans who fought the Ancient Germanic Tribes and the Gauls.

Our Caesarian Romans were sculpted by Mark Copplestone. We make 17 different packs of both armoured and unarmoured Legionaries in various poses and 4 different command packs as well as 12 packs of Gallic, Spanish and Numidian allies.

There are also 9 packs of characters and personalities that were sculpted by Michael Percy as later additions to the range.


Imperial Romans Nav Image.pngIMPERIAL ROMANS

In the 200 years between the reforms of Augustus and the rise of Septimius Severus the Roman army fought to expand the Empire and saw action in the dark forests of Germany, the baking heat of Syria, the mists of Britain and the mountains of Dacia. That they conquered so many different peoples in such different terrain is amazing in itself; that they did it using basically the same organisation and troops doubly so. Their enemies had to contend not only with Roman weaponry but with their morale and discipline as well.

This army is instantly recognisable even to non gamers and has possibly become the ‘classic’ ancient army, rivalled only by Greeks and Egyptians. The organisation of the Roman Army is well documented and you can collect anything from a basic Legion with supports to a massed invasion force employing all sorts of exotic allies.

Our 66 (!) packs of Imperial Romans were sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry, with a few additions to the range by Steve Saleh that are listed seperately.

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