This is our older range of Greeks sculpted by Dave Gallagher, suitable for the Greco-Persian and Peloponnesian Wars. They are slightly smaller than the Steve Saleh sculpted World of the Greeks range and in an older but very pleasant sculpting style. The Death of Leonidas set is particularly popular.

Check out our complimentary range of Ancient Persians, also sculpted by Dave Gallagher. Visit our World of the Greeks page for an article on ancient Greek warfare by Adrian Garbett.

These models are supplied with our already flattened and shaped wire spears instead of cast metal spears. We expect that most of you will want to use the flattened and shaped wire spears that we send out free with all the models that need them: the problem with cast spears is that they are just not durable enough.

The Death of Leonidas - G019
greek command
Greek Command - G001
greek hoplites
Greek Hoplites 1 - G002
Greek Hoplites or Peltasts - G003
Greek Hoplites 2 - G004
more hoplites
Greek Hoplites 3 - G005
another pack of hoplites
Greek Hoplites 4 - G006
even more hoplites
Greek Hoplites 5 - G007
hoplites marching
Greek Hoplites 6 - G008
hoplites in two poses
Greek Hoplites 7 - G009
Spartans - G010
greek light infantry
Greek Light Infantry - G011
thessalian light infantry
Thessalian Light Infantry - G012
Cretan Archers - G014
greek cavalry
Greek Cavalry 1 - G015

This pack contains 3 models and 3 randomly assorted horses.

more greek cavalry
Greek Cavalry 2 - G016

This pack contains 3 models and 3 randomly assorted horses.

4 horse light cavalry pack
Greek Light Cavalry - G017

This pack contains 4 models and 4 randomly assorted horses.

general and three escorts
Greek General and Escort - G018

This pack contains 4 models and 4 randomly assorted horses.

greek slingers
Greek Slingers - G020

World of the Greeks logo.png

spartans nav image.png
Athenians nav image.png

Thracians nav image.png

Greek or Macedonian Mercenaries nav image.png
Greek or Macedonian Light Infantry and Cavalry nav image.png
Argonauts nav image.png


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