These Auxiliary cavalry or Equites were sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry.

Check out the main Imperial Romans page for an article on the Early Imperial Roman army by Adrian Garbett.

Imperial Roman Cavalry
Cavalry Command 1 - IR035
Imperial Roman Cavalry command
Cavalry Command 2 - IR036
imperial roman cavalry in mail armour
Cavalry, Mail Armour - IR037
imperial roman cavalry in scale armour
Cavalry, Scale Armour - IR038
Imperial Roman Artillery Chieroballista
Artillery - IR028

This was included in the organisation of a Legio, with each centuria possessing a bolt thrower and each cohors a large stone throwing engine. These could be used on the battlefield in support of the main battle line. Some bolt throwers, crewed by two men, were mounted on light two wheeled carts pulled by a pair of mules, which would make an interesting conversion.

Large Four Wheeled Cart and Crew
Four Wheeled Cart - GPR015

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