These Roman Emperors and personalities were sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry.

Check out the main Imperial Romans page for an article on the Early Imperial Roman army by Adrian Garbett.

emperor cladius
Emperor Claudius - IR081
Governor Suetonius Paullinus
Governor Suetonius Paulinus - IR082
emperor vespasian
Emperor Vespasian - IR083
Emperor Trajan
Emperor Trajan - IR084
Centurion and Engineers
Centurion and Engineers - IR085



Imperial Romans Legionaries nav image.png


Imperial Romans Auxiliaries nav image.png


Imperial Romans Praetorian Guard Nav Image.png

Imperial Romans Steve Saleh nav Image.png
Legionaries Auxilia Praetorian Guard Steve Saleh Romans
Imperial Romans Cavalry and Artillery Nav Image.png Imperial Romans Command nav image.png



Imperial Romans Emperors and Personalities Nav Image.png


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