These Imperial Romans were sculpted by Steve Saleh. They are slightly larger than the Michael and Alan Perry sculpted models that make up the rest of our Imperial Roman range.

Many of our customers prefer to use the Mark Copplestone sculpted Caesarian Roman command models with the Saleh sculpted Romans as they are a much closer size match. You can find them at the bottom of this page.

Check out the main Imperial Romans page for an article on the Early Imperial Roman army by Adrian Garbett.

imperial roman legionaries steve saleh
Legionaries in Segmented Armour - IR011
imperial roman praetorian guard steve saleh
Praetorian Guard - IR012
steve saleh imperial roman auxiliaries
Auxilia In Chainmail With Spear 1 - IR013
imperial roman auxilia steve saleh
Auxilia In Chainmail With Spear 2 - IR014
Legionaries with pilum steve saleh
Legionaries In Chainmail With Pilum - IR015
legionaries in chainmail with gladius
Legionaries In Chainmail With Gladius - IR016
eastern auxiliary archers
Eastern Auxiliary Archers - IR017
western auxiliary archers steve saleh
Western Auxiliary Archers - IR018
legionaries attacking
Legionaries Attacking - IR092
Legionary Command to go with Steve Saleh Models
Legionary Command - CR018

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