sea peoples nav image.pngThe Sea Peoples were a confederation of tribes from around the Mediterranean islands, the Aegean, Anatolia, Balkans and Levant. These tribes included the Sherden, Lukka, Peleset, Tjekker, Sheklesh, Dardani, Weshwesh, Teresh and Ekwesh. These tribes were a constant menace as pirate sea raiders who attacked Greece, Cyprus, Hittite coasts, Phoenicia, Canaan and Egypt. They were often hired as mercenaries. A huge confederation attacked Egypt at the end of the New Kingdom by land and sea.

The Sea Peoples fought Egypt, the Hittites, the Phoenicians and Canaanites, the Mycenaeans and Trojans and as Philistines against the Hebrews.

Our Sea Peoples were sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry. Scroll down for more historical information and a quick painting guide by Nigel Stillman.


Sea People Command - SEA011
Sea People in Horned Helmets(Sherden) - SEA012

Especially suitable for representing Sherden.

Sea People in Crowed Leather Helmets (Peleset, Tjekker, Denven) - SEA013

Especially suitable for representing Peleset, Tjekker or Denven.

Sea People in Helmets (Ekwesh, Weshwesh, Lukka) - SEA015

Especially suitable for representing Ekwesh, Weshwesh or Lukka.

Sea People with Swept Back Hair (Sheklesh) - SEA016

Especially suitable for representing Sheklesh.

Sea People Archers in Crowed Leather Helmets (Peleset, Tjekker, Denven) - SEA014

Especially suitable for representing Peleset, Djekker or Denven.

Sea People with Tight Turbans (Teresh) - SEA017

Especially suitable for representing Teresh.

Sherdan Bodyguards - SEA018

Especially suitable for representing Sherden.

The range has been packaged to allow various individual tribes to be represented quite easily, but by giving a little consideration to your choice of clothing colours and patterns, it is possible to portray many more contingents. A hunt through the Assyrian range will give you suitable figures for the Sheklesh and Teresh, and our Hittite range supplies a light chariot (HIT008) that can be adapted by using a Sea Peoples command figure. 

Finally, the Sea Peoples were accompanied by their families and worldly goods in large bullock carts, and these could form the centrepiece of a camp that needs to be defended against the enemy. There are several suitable figure sets in the Egyptian range, but the Egyptian/Nubian Civilians (E029) are very useful.

Hittite Light Chariot HIT008
Hittite Light Chariot 1 - HIT008

Chariot comes with 3 crew

E029 Egyptian and Nubian Civilians
Egyptian & Nubian Civilians - E029

Army Organisation - Various tribal warbands and contingents.

Best Troops - Excellent hand to hand infantry swordsmen. Powerful fleet.

Typical Allies & Mercenaries - Libyans.

Terrain - Homeland; rugged islands and coasts. Invaded Nile delta, Libyan desert, Phoenician coast, Cyprus.

Hypothetical Encounters - Sea Peoples vs Mycenaeans, vs Bronze age Europeans in western Mediterranean or Balkans. vs Solomon’s Israelites



Skin Tones - Mediterranean complexion, dark hair.

Clothing - White linen or leather kilts, with coloured fringes and borders.

Weapons & Armour - Bronze.  Sheet Dendra style armour in various styles.

Shields - Leather bucklers with several bronze bosses.

Chariots & Horses - As Aegean, Hittite or Egyptian types.

Standards - Little known about standards, probably like Mycenaean ones.

Bases - Desert, beach, rugged bare ground with tufts of coarse grass & stones.

Text by Nigel Stillman.


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