The Sumerian city states warred against each other from 3000 BC until they were united by Lugal Zagesi. Sargon of Akkad defeated Lugal Zagesi's huge army and founded the Akkadian Empire which stretched from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean. The empire was overthrown by Gutian invaders from Iran who were in turn driven out by resurgent Sumerian cities led by Utuhegal. His general Urnammu founded the Empire of Ur which lasted until overthrown by Amorite and Elamite invaders in 1793 BC.

Sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry. Scroll down for more historical information and a quick painting guide by Nigel Stillman.

Sumerian Javelinmen - SUM001
Javelinmen - SUM001
Cloaked Spearmen at the Ready - SUM002
Cloaked Spearmen at the Ready - SUM002
Cloaked Spearmen Advancing - SUM003
Cloaked Spearmen Advancing - SUM003
Spearmen at the Ready - SUM004
Spearmen at the Ready - SUM004
Spearmen Advancing - SUM005
Spearmen Advancing - SUM005

Who did they fight? - City states fought each other. Akkadians fought Sumerians, both fought Elamites, Amorite Nomads, Syrians, Hattic states, outlying regions of the Harrapan (Indian) civilisation.

Army Organisation - Units of 60, 300 & 600 men. Each City state provided a contingent for larger armies.

Best Troops - Axemen (bodyguards), Spearmen, Chariots.

Typical Allies & Mercenaries - Amorites, Gutians, Elamites.

Terrain - Homeland; flat irrigated river valley. Often invaded forested Iranian and Anatolian highlands, the Syrian desert and the Persian Gulf.

Hypothetical Encounters - Akkadians vs Early Egyptians in Phoenicia. Akkadians vs Minoans in Cyprus, Akkadians vs Harrapan (Indian) army in Gulf.


sumerian nav image.pngQUICK PAINTING GUIDE

Skin tones - Arab complexion, black hair.

Clothing - Kilts & capes of fleece and felt in natural colours (white, black, grey).

Weapons & Armour - Copper and bronze only.

Shields - Largre reed shields probably faced with red leather. Goatskin bucklers for Amorites.

Chariots - Frame probably covered with red leather.

Onagers - Beige hide with dark manes, legs, tails, white belly.

Standards - Gold inlaid with lapis with coloured streamers.

Bases - Desert or steppe with tufts of coarse grass and stones.

Text by Nigel Stillman.


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