Pack Animals for your Baggage Trains, Livestock, War Dogs and some Horse Casualties. Our Shepherd with his Sheepdog and Sheep sets are particularly popular. Sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry, Mark Copplestone and Dave Gallagher.

Pach Horses and pony
Pack Horses And Pony - GPR001

These are Ex Citadel

Pack Mules and Donkey
Pack Mules And Donkey - GPR002

These are also Ex Citadel

Pack Camels
Pack Camels - GPR003

Two identical Ex Citadel Camels. We believe that our Camels are the oldest miniatures we currently produce, as they were originally part of the very old Citadel Arab range.

28mm beasts of burden
Beasts Of Burden - GPR021

Ex Citadel Pack Animals: Mule, Pony, Donkey and Horse.

pack animals
Four Legged Friends - GPR022
pack donkeys
Pack Donkeys - DA028

These come as two piece castings: the baggage is seperate from the Donkeys.

Shepherd, Sheep Dog and Sheep
Shepherd, Sheepdog And Sheep - GPR004
Flock of sheep
Flock of Sheep - GPR066
Oxen - GPR005
african cattle
African Cattle - DA118
Livestock - DA134
War Dogs
War Hounds - GPR016
Name: War Hounds - GPR016ID: 1243Price: £12.00
Horse casualties
Horse Casualties - GPR006
Name: Horse Casualties - GPR006ID: 1242Price: £12.00

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