These are the newer Saxons that were sculpted by Matthew Bickley. They fit in very nicely with Matthew's Normans which you can find here.

Saxon Warriors with Swords and Axes
Saxon Warriors 1 - SAX001
Saxon Spearmen
Saxon Spearmen - SAX002
armoured saxon spearmen
Armoured Saxon Warriors - SAX003
armoured saxon warriors
Armoured Saxon Warriors - SAX004
shield wall charcters
Saxon Shield Wall Characters - SAX005
shield wall command
Saxon Shield Wall Command - SAX006
King Harold Triumphant
King Harold Triumphant - SAX007
saxon civilians
Saxon Civilians - SAX008
28mm saxon warriors
Saxon Warriors 2 - SAX009
saxon archers
Saxon Archers - SAX010
saxon warriors
Saxon Warriors 3 - SAX011
double handed axemen
Double Handed Axemen - SAX012
saxon theign warriors
Saxon Theign Warriors - SAX013
saxon levy infantry
Saxon Levy Infantry - SAX014
mounted saxon characters
Mounted Saxon Characters - SAX015
edric the wild saxon robin hood
Edric The Wild - SAX016

Remarkably like a Saxon version of Robin Hood.

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