will take place on

5th, 6th and 7th August 2016




The Third Oldhammer Weekend

Bring Out Your Lead

31st July, 1st and 2nd August 2015

 We look forward to hosting the third annual Oldhammer: Bring Our Your Lead!  Special guests include:

Tony Ackland, Kevin Adams and Wayne England

We will be displaying original art and painted models from the personal collection of Bryan Ansell


There will be hot and cold food, snacks and cakes available at the event and a licensed bar.

Participation and entrance is free.  

To get involved and for more information please follow these links: goblin.jpg
To register
To see who has registered
The organisers have a post-apocalyptic gentleman with a passion for guns, loud music and happy-go-lucky approach to his application of violence. 80 copies of this miniature will be made available for this year's BOYL courtesy of our Oldhammer friends over in the USA (Cheers, Mr Grove!). All event organisers will get one, but the remaining seventy odd will be given to those who register (in registration order, obviously). Once they're gone, they're gone.
The Oldhammer Goblin was last year's Bring Out Your Lead 2014 Giveaway model. Sculpted by Kevin Adams especially for the event and named Boyldric by the Oldhammer community:


Once again this August 2014 Foundry hosted the Oldhammer weekend (well Friday afternoon to Sunday). This time it was at our new premises which included a great marquee in the middle of the courtyard with gaming tables and the bar as well as the other tables in amongst our shop.

Attendance was up on last year, and there was a great variety of games being played from the giant siege centrepiece using Warhammer through Necromunda, Epic, 40K, Gorkamorka, HeroQuest and more.

Everyone seemed to have a great time gaming, even when the weather turned rainy and windy (luckily the gusts of wind which lifted the marquee a foot into the air happened after the games had finished - we were literally hanging in there at this point).

The Oldhammer Goblins were distributed and the painting competitions received more entries than last year with a high standard of painting much in evidence.

A huge thank-you to everyone who attended and to the organisers. See you August next year!


Photo of Attendees Saturday afternoon


The Besieging Army and the outerworks of the Defenders.


The first day combatants (and Cyber-Rob looking on)


Shaun preparing for the onslaught of customers


As were Marcus and the Bar-Staff


Ernie's Chicken joins the retreating column as it hurries to gain the safety of the walls.

Click her for Oldhammer 2014 Report Continued




Thank you very much to everyone who turned up to the Oldhammer weekend! We all very much enjoyed having you here and you are all very welcome to come back again.

We especially enjoyed seeing the wonderful collections of models that were about on the day as well as meeting many of the people whose blogs we follow.

We will be putting lots more pictures up shortly, but for now here are a few highlights and some of the Golden Gobbo painting competition entries (the ones that were about when I was photographing stuff at the end of the last day, anyway).

Special thanks to the organisers who made everything happen.

This is what our main room looked like at Oldhammer Day

Robert Townsend making sure no one is spilling beer on his tables!
Robert Townsend making sure no one dares to spill anything on his new tables.

Rumble in the Jungle - One of the great participation games that were going on
Rumble in the Jungle was one of the great participation games that was being run by members of the B.L.O.O.D. forum.

Realm of Chaos open table
The Realm of Chaos Open Table seemed to be very popular throughout the weekend.

Nico's Golden Gobbo entry came first place!

This is terribly embarrassing but unfortunately we don't know who any of these other entries belong to!
It would be great if someone could drop us an email to let us know.


The mushrooms are a very nice touch!

Harry the Hammer original artwork behind the bar
Bryan Ansell and Robert Townsend in front of Harry the Hammer, the original artwork for the first edition Warhammer box.

Rick Priestley Signing copied of third edition Warhammer
Rick Priestley signing copies of third edition Warhammer.

James Taylor Garth James and Bryan Ansell
Two of the organisers: James Taylor and Garth James chatting with Bryan Ansell.

John Stallard Rick Priestley James Taylor
John Stallard, Rick Priestley and James Taylor

John comes in whenever he needs more models for his personal collection.

Nico, Bryan & Paul
Nico, Bryan & Paul.
The game Nico and Paul put on was very impressive with hundreds of exquisitely painted miniatures.

the bar staff
The Bar Staff.
They were really good at calming down all the fights that broke out!

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