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Sun 5th Feb

18 & 19th Feb 2017

25th February 2017

4 March 2017

2 April 2017

22 April 2017

21st May 2017

27 May 2017

Sun, 11th June 2017

16/17/18 June 2017

28/29/30 July 2017

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Nov 2017

Vapnartak, York Race Course

Hamburger Tactica, Hamburg Germany

Lead of Winter, at Foundry

Hammerhead, Newark Showground

Cannon, Retford

Salute 2017,  Excel London

Partizan, Newark Showground

Chillcon, Ecclesfield, Sheffield

Broadside, Sittinghbourne

Celebrate the 530th Anniversary of the Battle of Stoke Field at Foundry

B.O.Y.L. -  Oldhammer at Foundry 

The Other Partizan, Newark Showground

Colours, Newbury

Derby Worlds

SELWG, London

Crisis. Antwerps


Our mobile Wargames Show stand is 40ft long and carries around 1,200 different packs of models as well as our entire range of paint palettes and our painting, modelling and wargaming rule books.

This is still only a small part of our range, so we encourage anyone to let us know if they are interested in having a look at any of our other models. We are very happy to bring anything along to a show with us for you to see.

Although we will be carrying our entire paint range in palettes, single pots of paint need to be pre ordered.

Our 2016 show stock includes: Trojan Wars, World of the Greeks, Greek Mythology, Scythians, Persians, Caesarian Romans, Germanic Tribes, Imperial Romans, Gladiators, Ancient Civilians, Dacians, Sarmatians, Late Romans, Arthurian British, Franks, Picts, Vikings, Normans, Saxons, Early Medieval, Hundred Years War, Late Medieval, Medieval Swiss, Ex Citadel Models, Samurai, Early American Indians, Conquistadors, Pirates, Renaissance, Cossacks, 18th Century Civilians, American War of Independence, American Civil War, Old West, Victorians, Apache, 1870s US Cavalry, Plains Indians, Egyptian Adventure, Darkest Africa, World War II, Street Violence and our extensive ramge of Animals.

Books: Kevin Dallimore's Painting Masterclass, Compendium: Pirates to Darkest Africa, God of Battles, Tribes of Legend, Medieval Warfare, Condottiere, The Rules With No Name (Western Gunfight Rules by Bryan Ansell), African Knights.

Here are some pictures of our stand at various wargames shows we have been to in the last year or so:


Vapnartak, York 2015



Hamburger Tactica, Germany 2015



Crisis, Antwerp, Belgium 2014
Just before we unwrapped all 72ft of the stand we took to Belgium with us last year. We use huge rolls of cling film to make sure that no models fall off the racks while they are in the back of our van.



Salute 2014
Just after closing time



Sittingbourne, Kent 2014


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