Sculpted by Dave Andrews. Although these are especially suitable for the Burgundian Wars the majority of the models here are also suitable for use with almost any European force. They could be used as mercenaries alongside our Late Medieval/Wars of the Roses range.

medieval swiss command
Swiss Command - SW011
medieval swiss pikemen
Swiss Pikemen 1 - SW012
medieval swiss pikemen 2
Swiss Pikemen 2 - SW013
medieval swiss pikemen 4
Swiss Pikemen 3 - SW014
swiss pikemen 4
Swiss Pikemen 4 - SW015
medieval swiss halberdiers
Swiss Halberdier Characters - SW016
medieval crossbowmen
Swiss Crossbowmen - SW017
medieval handgunners
Swiss Handgunners - SW018
medieval swiss characters
Swiss Characters - SW021
28mm Medieval Swiss Miniatures

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