These Medieval cannons and crew were sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry and originally released by Citadel Miniatures as C34 Medieval Cannons in 1984.

burgundian heavy bombard
Burgundian Heavy Bombard - MEDG001

1 Cannon

burgundian light bombard
Burgundian Light Bombard - MEDG002

1 Cannon

very big cannon
Heavy Bombard - MEDG003

1 Cannon

light bombard
Light Bombard - MEDG004

1 Cannon

Bell bombard
Bell Bombard - MEDG005

1 Cannon

Mantlets - MEDG006

3 Mantlets

artillery crew
Artillery Crew - MED127



Late Medieval Wars of the Roses infantry nav image.png
Late Medieval Wars of the Roses Archers nav image.png
Late Medieval Wars of the Roses cavalry nav image.png
Ex Citadel C34 Medieval Cannons

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