Click HERE to see our Americans. If you are interested in the American War of Independence, you might like to read Brendan Morrissey's article "1776 ... And All That" which can be found on our American War of Independence landing page by clicking HERE. Sculpted by Alan Perry.

Royal Artillery and 6 pounder gun
Royal Artillery And 6 Pounder Gun - AWI031
centre company firing line loading
British Centre Company Loading - AWI032
centre company marching
British Centre Company Marching - AWI033
centre company attacking
British Centre Company Attacking - AWI034
centre company firing
British Centre Company Firing - AWI035
centre company command
British Centre Company Command - AWI036
centre company standing
British Centre Company Standing - AWI037
British High Command Clinton Cornwallis Howe
British High Command - AWI038
light infantry
British Light Infantry - AWI041
5th foot light infantry
British 5th Foot Light Infantry Command - AWI042
light infantry in chain helmets
British Light Infantry In Chain Helmets - AWI043
infantry command in chain helmets
British Infantry Command In Chain Helmets - AWI044
grenadiers marching
British Grenadiers Marching - AWI045
grenadiers command
British Grenadiers Command - AWI046
centre company command
British Centre Company Command - AW064
light infantry in round hats
British Light Infantry In Round Hats - AW065
28mm American War of Independence British

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