Casting Room Miniatures:
We are going to reorganise our main Foundry site in the forseeable future: but it's going to be a long job. So we thought that in the meanwhile we would practice by building a Casting Room Miniatures site up first.
We did sell a number of the Casting Room ranges on our main website in the past, but have not done so for quite a while. However, they have mostly been available via our eBay shops, in our store and by special order for people who rang us up and asked! We have a stock of everything you see on this site. Mostly it's Historical ranges, but there is also a good selection of Fantasy models on Casting Room. We have about 4,000 different models currently available, with more waiting to be added to this new Casting Room website.

The Casting Room Miniatures ranges are (so far): Hittites, Nubians, Trojan Wars/Mycenaeans, Spanish and Carthaginians, Persians, Dark Age Warriors, Gauls, Chinese, Normans, Saxons, Medievals, Renaissance, Elizabethans, English Civil War, Marlburians, Seven Years War French, Black Powder Civilians/Rebels & Rioters, Zulu Wars British and Zulus and Victorians/Edwardians.
Various huge Napoleonic Ranges: Austrians, British, French, Portuguese, Prussians, Russians and Saxons.
Fantasy ranges: Street Fighters, Greek Mythology, Amazons, War Maidens, Beastmen, Demons, Adventurers, Goblins, Halflings, Rangers, Trolls and Undead.
We should say that our original Foundry models are entirely compatible in size with the Casting Room Ranges: many of them used the Foundry manikins as a basis. But they have been sculpted in various somewhat different styles; according to the individual preferences of the various sculptors. In most cases there is a family resemblance though. If you would like to see a (random) sample from a particular range of your choice just let us know and we will stick one in your next order for you. Or alternatively you are welcome to send us a self addressed and stamped envelope.
Read the About Us page on the Casting Room Miniatures website for more information.

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