URBAN INCIDENT : Street Fighting Boyz & Girlz

Secret agents, Hazmat Suits, Bomb Disposal Teams, Hippies, Bikers, Construction Workers, TV Crews and State Bodyguards: We bring you Tim Prow's URBAN INCIDENT range.

You'll have to forgive us as it looks like they have been subjected to someone's rather heavy handed painting style, but we still think they look OK. We think it makes them look like they fell out of an Egyptian freize. If they were mine I think I would repaint them though. See also our crunchier Street Violence Range though: mostly sculpted by Shane Hoyle.

Female Agents
Butch Gals with Guns - SV504
Tech Crew
Tech Crew - SV505
Hazmat Suits
Hazmat Suits - SV506
Belligerent Builders Ready for Trouble - SV507
Television Crew
TV Crew - SV508
Street Scumbags - SV509
Leather Gals and Boys - SV510
Tedious Hippie Scum - SV511
Moving in for the Kill - SV512

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