Baluchis were an almost hereditary caste of warriors traditionally employed by petty rulers all around the Indian Ocean, including the Sultan of Zanzibar.  Some were genuine Baluchis, others were from India, Southern Arabia or the Persian Gulf.  In East Africa they could be town guards, escorts for trading caravans or freelance slavers. Armed with matchlock, scimitar and shield they could be found alongside troops with more modern weapons until the 1870s.  The Baluchi Matchlockmen will do as mercenaries in most eighteenth or nineteenth century Indian armies.

Baluchi Matchlockmen in Indian Dress
The other Indian Baluchi Matchlockmen - DA056

Musa, Belok, Yusuf, Yaruk, Jelai, Old Mallok, Gul Mohammed, Ramji.

Baluchi Matchlockmen in Arabian Dress
More of those Arabian Baluchi Matchlockmen - DA055
Baluchi Swordsmen
Baluchi Swordsmen - DA053
More Baluchi Matchlockmen in Indian Dress
Indian Baluchi Matchlockmen - DA054
More Baluchi Matchlockmen in Arabian Dress
Arabian Baluchi Matchlockmen - DA052
More Baluchi Swordsmen
Baluchi Swordsmen - DA051

Indian Dress - white robes, shirts and trousers with white or coloured (often red) sashes and turbans.  Leaders could have colourfully striped sashes and turbans.  Slippers could be in red or natural leather.  Swordbelts in black or natural leather, with gold embroidered coloured fabric versions for chiefs or richer warriors.

Arab Dress - could be very dark skinned.  Loincloths, jackets and waistcoats often dyed with indigo (from near-black to faded denim) or white (invariably dirty).  Small turbans in the same cloth, or brighter colours.  Richer warriors could have coloured and fringed loincloths.  Fezzes, if worn, red.  Undecorated hide shields.

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