Early European Explorers tended to wear clothes of a cut and colour popular at home, or a specially made, often idiosyncratic, travelling costume. Later a white, grey or pale khaki uniform with a tropical helmet or wide brimmed hat became the norm. Some of the more famous explorers were associated with a particular costume:

Livingstone - a red smock and a blue peaked cap with a gold band.

Baker - a loose smock and trousers, dyed in natural shades, with a peaked cap and neckflap.

Speke - based on a famous painting: light brown trousers, a greenish tweed waistcoat with many pockets, and a check shirt.

Stanley - a frogged jacket and curious hat of his own devising, in a pale shade of khaki.

Flags - expeditions starting in Zanzibar usually carried the Sultan's plain red flag, and often a national flag too.  Stanley's great trans-African expedition of 1876-7 carried a red Zanzibari flag, a Stars and Stripes and a small handmade Union Jack.

We have a large number of customers fighting battles and skirmishes in historical, Victorian adventure, Steampunk or roleplay settings. using our Victorian Adventurers from the Darkest Africa range alongside the many hundreds of miniatures from our various African, Asian, Oriental and Victorian Historical ranges ( lots of appropriate models in the Old West ranges too ).

There are many models that are very useful for Darkest Africa in our animals range.

Men of Substance - DA011

Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton, John Hanning Speke, The Lord of the Jungle, Dr. Livingstone, Carl Peters, Henry Morton Stanley, Sir Samuel Baker.

A League of Exceptional Gentleman - DA012

Frobisher, Capitain Craupaud, Graf von Schnyder, The Younger Stanley, Teddy Roosevelt, Malto Cortese, Enfield.

European Ladies
Deadlier than the Male - DA016

Mrs Stanhope, Agnes Day, Mimi, Frau Schadenfreude, Jane, Miss Brodie, Miss Baedecker.

More European Ladies
Roses of the Empire - DA018

Lady Constance, Miss Emily, Miss Primm, Fifi, Mrs French-Sheldon, Florence Baker, Mary Reilly.

These are all determined women - most of them missionaries, with a few explorers like Mrs French-Sheldon and Florence Baker and, by the late 1890s, the first few Kenyan settlers. In West Africa there were a few more wives of traders and officials - one of these was Lady Hodgeson, a participant in the first nightmarish retreat from Kumase in 1900.

Donkey Trekking Explorer
Donkey Trekking Explorer - DA022
Pack Donkeys
Pack Donkeys - DA028
European Traders and Travellers
Traders and Travellers - DA017

"Fairplay" Fanshawe, Poirot, Furtwangler, Captain Korzeniowski, da Souza, Doctor Zwingili, Dupont.

These are the kind of chaps who would run Station 23 on behalf of the Crocodile River Trading Co. , keep proper accounts in the middle of a pestilential swamp, pop up from a patch of tall grass to collect import duties or do battle with Unbelief. Shabby and Disolute or impeccably dressed with dark secrets. Try reading Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.

Map of Darkest Africa

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