These models were sculpted by Tim Prow in a similar style to his Victorians or Edwardians and Urban Incident models.

british explorers
British Explorers - EAV501
american adventurers
American Adventurers - EAV502
treasure hunters
Treasure Hunters - EAV503
grave diggers
Grave Robbers - EAV504
french freebooters
French Foreign Freebooters - EAV506
arab diggers
Arab Diggers - EAV513
arab bearers
Arab Bearers - EAV514
angry arabs with swords
Arab Warriors - EAV515
arabs with machine guns
Arab Machine Gunners - EAV516
arab casualties
Arab Casualties - EAV517
pharoh's court
Egyptian Pharaoh's Court - EAV520
egyptian priests
Egyptian Priests - EAV521
egyptian mummification
Egyptian Mummification - EAV522
ressurecting mummies
Egyptian Priests Ressurecting Mummies - EAV523

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