All our models are supplied with appropriate horses. You can see pictures of the French horses at the bottom of the page, above the painting guide. Some of the cavalry are supplied with a choice of two different right arms, so that you can have them either charging or with shouldered swords. The optional right arms are shown in the pictures.

cuirassier command
Cuirassiers Command - FPF030
Cuirassiers - FPF031
cuirassiers in greatcoats
Cuirassiers in Greatcoats - FPF032
Lancer command
Lancer Command - FPF033
lancers in kepi
Lancers in Kepi - FPF034
Lancers - FPF035
lancers greatcoats
Lancers in Greatcoats - FPF036
hussars command
Hussar Command - FPF037
hussars kepi
Hussars in Kepi - FPF038
hussars bearskins
Hussars in Bearskins - FPF039
hussars greatcoats and kepis
Hussars in Greatcoats and Kepis - FPF040
hussars or chasseurs
Hussars or Chasseurs in Bearskins and Greatcoats - FPF041
imperial guard carabinier command
Imperial Guard Carabinier Command - FPF042
Imperial Guard Carabiniers - FPF043
carabiniers in greatcoats
Imperial Guard Carabiniers in Greatcoat - FPF044
dragoon command
Dragoon Command - FPF045
Dragoons - FPF046
dragoon greatcoats
Dragoons in Greatcoats - FPF047
african chasseurs command
African Chasseurs Command - FPF048
african chasseurs
African Chasseurs - FPF049
african chasseurs in greatcoats
African Chasseurs in Greatcoats - FPF050
dismounted dragoon
Dismounted Dragoons - FPF059

8 identical models

dismounted african chasseur
Dismounted African Chasseur - FPF060

8 identical models

dismounted hussars in kepis
Dismounted Hussars in Kepis - FPF061

8 identical models

french horse
another french horse
yet another french horse!
more french horses
and even more french horses!!


John French


The Hussar uniforms were going through a period of change, some regiments received new uniforms, whilst others are thought to have gone to war in either their old uniforms or with some adaptation to them.  By 1870 only 1st & 8th Regiments had the sky-blue tunic with white facings.  In the 2nd Regt. the adaptation was limited to the addition of a sky-blue stripe to the red trousers and red kepi with sky-blue band & piping.  The dolman was brown with red collar & pointed cuffs.  Edging on collar & cuffs and lace/frogging white.  Trousers strapped black.  Kepi could have black foul weather cover. Hussar officers (each regiment) often wore kepis.  3rd Regt. had the old uniform of grey dolman with red collar and cuffs.  5th Regt. also had old uniform of blue dolman with red facings.  Both these regiments had white frogging.  All the regiments had red trousers.  Where black fur busby was retained  it had red bag and sometimes kept the white over red plume.  The 4th, 6th & 7th Regts. had some new items.  Old dolman colours & facings were 4th madder red/light blue;  6th & 7th green/madder red.  The 7th Regt. had yellow frogging, the other regiments white.  Following the end of the Empire there were Hussar ‘Regiments de marche’ which comprised of remaining squadrons from different regiments, retaining their own uniforms.  The remnants of 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th Regts. comprised one of 4 such regiments.  Squadrons from 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th formed 2 other regiments; the remaining regt. comprised squadrons of 4th & 7th Regts.  



Can be used as Chasseurs of the ‘Garde’ or Guides of the ‘Garde’.

Guides - Manteau grey with 4 yellow loops across top.  Busby black, with white over black plume in brass fitting.  Strapped trousers, red with double golden-yellow stripes.  Tunic dark green with yellow loops and pointed edging to red cuffs.  Shabraques green edged yellow, piped green, with crown front & rear with addition of ‘N’ at rear (all golden yellow).  Trumpeter reversed colours i.e. red jacket with green cuffs, collar green edged yellow, green trousers and shabraque red with green edging.

Chasseur a‘ Cheval - similar but manteau had green loops and white loops & edgings instead of yellow.  Shabraques green with white edging piped red.  Crowns &c. white.  Trumpeter red with green piping.  Plume white over red cockade, trumpeter  red over white plume above white cockade.  Valises were decorated in similar style to shabraques. 



with imitation panther skin turban, black tuft & plume.  Like uniform  changes in Hussars, not all regiments had completed the change over.  Some units may still have worn their traditional green jacket.  The ‘Garde’ Dragoons wore a green jacket with red collar and piping on pointed green cuffs and jacket skirts.  Yellow metal buttons.  Red trousers had green stripes, and were strapped black.  Leather equipment was white.  Helmet brass, no turban, black tuft & plume.  Officer gold epaulettes & trouser stripes.All the Dragoon Regts. were involved in this war.  A new uniform was introduced in 1867.  Dark blue tunics, yellow metal buttons.  Collar, slash cuffs & piping white, as was leather equipment.  Epaulettes red.  Trousers red with blue stripe.  Helmet yellow metal,


Officers jacket with black frogging, and white trefoil on sleeve.  Black boots.  All 4 regiments were involved in Franco-Prussian War.  Port manteau on horse red with sky blue circular edge & regimental number, black leather straps.



Steel helmet with brass crest, chinscales & red tuft, black plume and turban wound around base.  Tunic dark blue with red piping, cuff slash, epaulettes and edging to cuirass.  Trousers red with blue piping and black strapping.  Port manteau on horse dark blue with white piping and badge.  Trumpeter no cuirass.  Tunic had same cuff slash & piping.  Trumpet cords were twisted red, white & blue.  Differences were red plume and white epaulettes.  Cuirassiers of the Imperial Guard had white epaulettes and black Butcher boots instead of strapping.  The ‘Bonnet de police’, which was occasionally worn, was dark blue with white band (a stripe each side mid-way from the crown to lower edge running front to back), tassel & grenade badge on front.  Piping was red.  


All 8 Regts. involved.  Although new tunics had been authorised in 1868 (blue with yellow collar, cuff patches, white buttons & epaulettes) many went to war in older uniforms.  These were blue tunics with following -  a)collar b) cuffs c) skirts, piping & lancer cap lace.   1st  yellow -blue - yellow;  2nd yellow for each;  3rd blue - blue - yellow;  4th blue - yellow - yellow;  5th red - blue - red; 6th red for each;  7th blue - blue - red;  8th blue - blue - red.  Lancer cap black with coloured ‘button’ e.g. 2nd Regt. red.  Trousers red (strapped black) with blue piping.  White epaulettes & leather equipment.  Lance pennon white over red.  ‘Garde’ Lancers similar but white collar patch & piping on jacket front and on blue cuff.  Epaulettes red.  Sky blue stripes on trousers.  Pennons white over red.  Black leather equipment.  Shabraques & valise sky blue edged with white and outside piping of red.  Lance cap ‘button’ yellow. 


Regiment only existed from 1867-1871.  Trumpeter red tunic with white epaulettes and blue cuff patches, collar and turnbacks.  Collar had red, white, blue diamond design.  Leather equipment white. 

Helmet brass with chenille (crest) white, white metal fittings.  Black boots.  Trumpeter had reverse colours of other ranks, they had mid-blue jacket with red facings and chenille.  Collar edged blue.  Cuirass brass with white metal fittings.  Shabraques blue with white edging, crowns &c.  Black boots.  Manteau was grey.


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