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Kevin Adams Self Portrait comes with Five Random Snorklings
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Kevin Adams Self Portrait comes with Five Random Snorklings


 We (at Foundry) are organising ourselves to get another Goblinaid pack together. No Kevin self portrait model in this one though. Instead, we might put a group of the really tiny snortlings in with each selection of Kevinish this and that. We will decide when we discover what moulds we have left. We will do our best to provide a significantly different mix than we have in the Kevin packs. We can't promise that you will not get a duplicate. But we will do our best: our memories of which models went in last time may be unreliable. I am sure you will find it in your hearts to forgive us any slips!

It may take a while for us to organise actual blisters and get them up on our website. We are a man or two short at Foundry (see vacancy add on our site).
However, we are happy to sell you a Kevinless pack RIGHT NOW! SO: just stay sat right where you are at your computer - AND BUY THE EXISTING GOBLINAID PACK! - Put a note on your order that you actually wanted the new Kevinless pack, and that is what we will send you.

As many of you are probably aware, our old friend and colleague Kevin Adams was recently badly injured when three sh*thead intruders broke into his home in Nottingham and attacked him. Kevin was stabbed in the chest and beaten with brass knuckles so that both cheeks now need metal implants and he may need reconstruction of an eye socket.

Kevin's friends and fans in the toy soldier industry have got together to form Goblinaid. So far about 20 sculptors have made goblin models to celebrate Kevin's work and to raise money through selling them. It is likely that some or all of these models will be on sale at Salute.
If you would like to read more you can visit the Goblinaid Facebook site (link).

Unfortunately; we don't currently have an active sculptor at Foundry. So we won't be sculpting a model for Kevin.
However we do have a Model Kevin to sell on his behalf. Back in (probably) 2001 Kevin sculpted a very fine portrait model of himself.
We have dug out the old mould and will be packaging it with some of Kevin's little orclings.

KORCLING1_4.JPG (10563 bytes)evin has a thing about not wasting any odds and ends of the sacred green stuff that he has left over at the end of the day: so he would often make a snorkling or two with the remaining bits. This would either be something relatively small and goblinish, or items of what we used to call "Ramage": jugs, mushrooms, hats, creatures, more mushrooms, weapons, small dinosaurs, musical instruments or whatever.
We have recently discovered a photographic record of just about all the snorklings that we must have gathered together some years ago. We have 117 different models: a good number of these never made it into production.
ORCLING20_16.JPG (8190 bytes)yway: we are going to package the little lead Model Kevin up in a blister with perhaps five snorklings and/or a few of Kevin's odds and ends. We will charge you a tenner for this. You can ring us up at Foundry, or some time next week you will be able to visit one of our three eBay sites (FoundryMiniatures, FlyteOfFantasy & Casting Room Miniatures) or our Foundry Website and find Little Kevin there.

We gather that the wonderful new models that are being built and sold by the main Goblinaid team may only be available for a whil
ORCLING5_13_18i.JPG (10105 bytes)e: so you should all rush out and buy them quick!
We will keep manufacturing our Model Kevin until it seems appropriate to stop. Then, if he wants them, we will hand over a supply of Model Kevins to the
Real Kevin so that he can continue to sell them on when he gets a chance in the future.

ORCLING12_3.JPG (7937 bytes)We won’t be charging for the metal or the casting or the packaging, or our time: but we will have to pass VAT over to the Government (on European sales only), and the eBay charges over to eBay. Otherwise we will get into terrible trouble.
I expect that the Goblinaid team already have everything covered: but if anyone needs any help with master moulding, or anything else involved in making cash available for Kevin, please get in touch with us.

Thank you
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More of Kevin's Snorklings!

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All monies from sales of the Kev Adams Self Portrait go straight to Kevin Adams.

If any of you are active on websites or discussion groups visited by fans of Kevin who might like to contribute through buying little Kevin from Foundry now and/or the models from Goblinaid team when they come out, we (and Kevin and the Goblinaid team) would be very grateful indeed if you could post links to the Goblinaid page and to the page on this website and our page on eBay.

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