We have discovered a long lost group of four Scotsmen sculpted by Will Hannah many years ago. Regrettably, after making us a very fine range of Pirates (the best range of Pirates ever made in our opinion), Will went on to sculpt just a small but perfectly formed group of Scotsmen (led by the heroic James Robertson Justice himself) before moving away from the world of model soldiering.

We believe these were originally intented to be Highlanders for the 1660-1780 period for clan wars and involvement in more mainstream struggles.

We never did make production moulds of these figures but 15 years (?) late we have done a bit of master casting and made a mixed mould. Get them while they're hot!

Foundry Will Hannah Scottish
Scotsmen - WHH001

5 figures in 3 different poses.

Will hannah Highlanders
Scottish Pikemen - WHH002

8 identical figures.

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