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The Foundry painting method uses three shades of each colour: building up in layers from dark to light to easily achieve a realistic three dimensional shaded effect without the need for blending. The three layers of colour give real depth and subtlety to your work. You will be able to start painting in the Foundry style straight away. With a little care you will soon be producing very fine, high quality models that would grace anyones model soldier collection. We have arranged the colours in sets of three; each set provides a main colour, partnered with the shade and highlight colours that we would choose to use ourselves. 

A more comprehensive description of how to use the Foundry Method can be found in the Kevin Dallimore's Painting & Modelling Masterclass Book, available at the bottom of the page.

All our paint pots contain a whopping 20ml of paint, and we have huge range of 288 different individual colours arranged in matching sets of three. You can also purchase our pots individually.


For years we moaned about the quality of paint available for painting toy soldiers: we moaned about the dull and limited range of colours too. No one seemed to make paints that really cover your model; the density of pigment just wasn't there any more. When we returned to Nottingham and took over at Wargames Foundry in 2000, we came with Great Paint.
Thor.pngWe were propelled into manufacturing our own paints by a burning desire to fulfil these objectives:

We wanted our paint to provide real quality and covering power: for that you need to provide a proper density of pigment. 

We wanted a range of paints that was properly designed and organised so that you could confidently get on with shading and highlighting: without spending most of your time mixing up colours, and in the knowledge that the shades you are using on a model would always work perfectly together. 

Of course, we also felt that we had to provide a large enough range of matched colours so that nobody would have to mix paints ever again (unless of course they really wanted to). The wide palette we supply just doesn't exist in other people's paint ranges.

Customers had been continually asking how we achieve the painting style we showed in our catalogues, release sheets and adverts. For years we had been trying to explain how we mix the colours and apply the layered shading techniques developed by the incredible Kevin Dallimore.

Holmes4.pngSo we developed our paints and presented them as a self explanatory system that allows our customers to easily adopt the mechanics of our shading method, and our own particular colour palette. We don't like seeing garish models that offend the eye with sickly brightness, but we really enjoy presenting our models in such a way that they have a warm, gentle glow.

Customers and staff told us they had a problem mixing their shading colours. They were disappointed when their models took on a dirty, murky tone when shading was  applied, and when they could not find a complimentary highlighting shade that brought out the three dimensionality of their models.

As many of our models are of a military nature, they need a range of colours that could be simply drab and dull, but we mix pleasant, warm buffs and tans, sophisticated earthy and stone shades and gently glowing reds, blues and greens.



Foundry’s acrylic paints have been specially designed to suit my painting style. Each main colour is teamed up with a ready mixed highlight and shading tone, which means you won’t have to spend lots of time mixing paints, you won’t be wasting any paint, and you can be sure the colours will be consistent. There’s a huge range of colours in big 20ml pots, which are quick drying and intermixable with other manufacturers’ acrylic paint.

I use them all the time and can’t recommend them enough.

Kevin Dallimore

Kevin Dallimore's Painting and Modelling Guide Master Class
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Everything you ever wanted to know about painting miniatures and models is contained in this 308 page book. Kevin Dallimore and over 25 other renowned and respected painters and modellers reveal the techniques they use to give their miniatures that great professional finish. 


If you know what paints or palettes you need, or just want to browse our extensive range, our complete list of paints can be seen here:

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We also sell a range of specially selected paint sets, including sets designed for painting specific historical ranges:

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