In the first 50 years of the sixteenth century Spain and Portugal spewed out a stream of ferocious adventurers. The Portugese rampaged around the Indian Ocean taking on Swahelis, Egyptians, Indians, Malays and Javanese. One small army even helped defend Christian Ethiopia from the Ottoman backed Somalis.

Tiny Spanish expeditions, through treachery and incredible bravery, toppled the mighty Aztec and Inca empires, while stronger expeditions were bloodily repulsed. Other ill fated adventures disintegrated in mutiny, madness and civil war...

These models were sculpted by Mark Copplestone.

28mm conquistador characters
Characters - SB011
28mm conquistador arquebusiers
Audacious Arquebusiers - SB012
28mm el dorado adventurers
Rumbustuous Rapscallions - SB013
conquistador adventurers
Merciless Adventurers - SB014
28mm conquistador swordsmen
Swaggering Swordsmen - SB015
28mm sword and buckler men
Brutal Sword And Buckler Men - SB016
28mm conquistador swordsmen
Bold Bladesmen - SB017
28mm conquistador gun and crew
Artillery Crew And Gun - SB018
28mm Conquistadors Adventurers

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