Throughout this period, Poland was the chief power of Eastern Europe, possessing not only vast territories stretching from the Baltic to the Black Sea, and from Pomerania in the West eastward almost to the Don, but also remarkably effective armed forces.

Unique in their organisation, tactics and appearance, combining the tactics and weapons of East and West with traditional Polish gallantry and dash, they successfully took on Muscovites, Cossacks, Tartars, Turks, Austrians, Germans, Danes, Swedes and Wallachians; even the great Gustavus Adolphus based most of his military reforms on the lessons he learned in warfare against the Poles.

These Poles were sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry. You might also be interested in our Mark Copplestone sculpted Cossacks.

polish infantry command
Infantry Command - POL001
28mm polish musketeers firing
Musketeers or Drabants Firing - POL002
28mm polish musketeers marching
Musketeers or Drabants Marching - POL003
28mm polish halberdiers
Halberdiers (NCOs or Guardsmen) - POL004
28mm renaissance polish cossacks
Cossack (or Polish Peasant, Hungarian or Wallachian) Musketeers - POL005
28mm polish cavalry command
Cavalry Command 1 - POL006
28mm winged hussars
Winged Hussars Charging (2 wings) - POL007
28mm polish winged hussars
Winged Hussars (2 wings) - POL008
28mm renaissance polish winged hussars
Winged Hussars (1 wing) - POL009
polish cavalry command
Cavalry Command 2 - POL010
28mm pancerni
Pancerni “Iron Clads” - POL011
polish cossacks or hussars
Cossacks (Light Hussars or Loyal Cossacks) - POL012
renaissance polish dragoons
Dragoons - POL013
28mm tartars
Tartars - POL014

Winged Hussar regiment painted by Tomasz Wolski:

Polish Winged Hussars

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Sculpted by Michael & Alan Perry.

530th Battle of Stoke Field Anniversary

530th Battle of Stoke Field Anniversary 16th-17th June 2017