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WE ARE OPEN ON WEEKDAYS FROM 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
other times by prior appointment

Sometimes we work later: so if you are passing in the evening and fancy calling in, it's worth giving us a ring to see if we are about. Though we are usually here, do not always work on Saturdays as sometimes we don't have enough staff to cover ( see jobs ad below! ).

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Wargames Foundry are Relocating 

God of Battles Fantasy Wargames Rules SALE!

These rules are now HALF PRICE for a limited period. 



God of Battles is Jake Thornton's new fantasy wargaming rules, in which players command armies of model soldiers to battle against each other across Aren’s troubled lands.

Jake is the author of our own Tribes of Legend, as well as having written Dreadball, Dwarf King's Hold and Project Pandora for Mantic Games.  Jake has done design work for Warhammer 6th edition, managed Blood Bowl, Necromunda and Mordheim and was the editor for White Dwarf for two years.

The book has over 285 full colour pages, weighs over 3.2 lbs. and contains hundreds of exquisite Kevin Dallimore photos.

God of Battles Wargaming Rule Book

Now only £12.50

Shields & Banners!

It's amazing what you can find under the bed.

These shields for instance - in a couple of small boxes, just hanging about.

The shields in the first two photos are old plastic ones - from all over, and a variety of vintages apparently,

Those in the third photo are a small selection from our Fantasy Ranges.We are particularly happy to show these, and from what we hear there are plenty of you interested in these too.

In the same boxes were some banners. Spoils of war perhaps?






Oldhammer: Bring Out Your Lead! (2014)

We are playing host to the Oldhammer Community here at Wargames Foundry on Friday 08/08/2014 to Sunday 10/08/2014). More details of the event can be found here.

and here

and here

Oldhammer Forum BOYL 2014 Thread.

The Oldhammer movement celebrate Warhammer Battle 1, 2 and 3 by collecting and painting contemporary and/or complementary miniatures and gaming with them. They may also be found playing first edition 40K, Epic, Bloodbowl and even Spacehulk.

Food and alcohol will be available over the three days.


Oldhammer Weekend 2014 Kev Adams Special Miniature News!

Kevin has finished the special model he has been secretly working on to give to everyone who turns up on the Saturday: The Oldhammer Goblin ( we thought perhaps Goblammer or Oldlin but neither of them really work: perhaps you should just give him a name ) all that remains now is the master moulding and then the production mould. We will press him up alongside six new 2000AD models when either Marcus or I get the chance.
We think that, rather than selling off any surplus Goblammeroldins as originaly planned, we feel that we are obliged to send the the extras off across the Atlantic to our American Oldhammerring brothers who are running their own Oldhammer event later in the year.
We will attempt a photograph of him and post it here.


Oldhammer Painting Competitions

We will also be providing prizes for the various painting competition categories that the Oldhammer chaps are organising for Bring Out Your Lead! (2014).

We will also be simultaneously running our own painting competition, but our competition will be for the best painted Foundry models. As we have no idea how many entries we will get: we will invent our categories on the spot based on what turns up on the day!

We haven't discussed it with your Oldhammer hosts as yet, but we imagine that the competition will be judged on the second day.

A New Web Site!!

We know that this website has been rather tedious [to say the least].  So we're sure you'll be relieved to hear that we are setting about building a splendid replacement to replace it .  We have recruited a computer whiz by the name of Rob Farley.  Rob is from Peterborough and is both the ideal man to build us a new web site and a fanatical gamer: perfect!

Your suggestions are welcomed.

This may take a while but it's an enormous relief to us to know that changes are on the way.  No doubt many of you feel the same. I would have put a photo of Rob up at this point, but he has gone home: I'll put one up tomorrow.


Crediting our Figure Painters

We are going to try and make sure that we credit all our figure painters on each page their work appears on on our new website. So, if you are responsible for any of the painting on this site: just let us know, as we have been unable to find our records!

Communications with Foundry reopened!

We're sorry to have been darkest_africa_news_image.pngout of touch during the last two weeks: we were cut off by British Telecom.  They arrived to install a new phone and Internet line in our new courtyard factory: but managed to cut off all communication with the outside world.  The only way we could find out what was going on with our website and emails was by visiting my Aunt’s house five miles away to access the internet.  The problem was that, having arrived and failed to set up the new service, the engineers are not allowed to simply come back and finish the job the next day.  You have to call their overseas call centre to have them organize completely different engineers to visit you days [a week on one occasion] later and start again from the beginning.  This happened three times.

Up until now we have always assumed that the most disorganized and ramshackle industry in the world must be the toy soldier business: now we know better.

Normal service now seems to have resumed with regards to orders reaching us [fingers crossed] but we still don’t actually have access to the internet in our factory. We have to go back home to see what’s happening on our

Visiting Wargames Foundry

We have our shop open here at Wargames Foundry now!
We will be open Monday to Friday and on most Saturdays (give us a ring to check we will be here on Saturdays) and we hope that you will come and see us.

Foundry is situated somewhere around the middle of England, in a small, attractive village called East Stoke. East Stoke is on the old Fosse Way, which runs parallel with the new A46. It is a few miles south of Newark upon Trent (home of Newark Castle and birth place of Citadel Miniatures). When you travel through East Stoke, you will see a rundown old restaurant in the middle of the village, opposite the old restaurant is School Lane. Turn into School Lane. You will drive past a few houses at first,  then there will be fields on both sides of you.
You are passing the battlefield of East Stoke on your left (last battle of the War of the Roses, bloodiest battle in British history (we host tours of the battlefield which are organised by Julian Humphries the military historian: we also provide the food here at Stoke Hall) there is a good book by Michael Bennett called 'Lambert Simnel and the Battle of Stoke'.
At the time of the battle, Stoke Hall was a leper colony. We have a statue of St 'Leprosy' Leonard embedded in one of our walls.

It won't be long before you reach the main gates of Stoke Hall situated on your right. Drive past the gates: you are headed further up the road. Next, you will pass under our bridge.


front_gates.jpg 289_bridge.jpg
                 Drive past these gates                                                        Go under the bridge                         
Go under the bridge and close by you will see another set of gates on your right: these are also labelled as Stoke Hall, this time you turn right and drive through the gates, along a muddy drive, go past the Church towards the big blue gates and park up. It looks like La Haye Saint doesn't it. Ours was built in 1812: I don't know about La Haye Saint.
You have arrived.

285_gates.jpg 282_go_past_the_church.jpg 298_big_blue_gates.jpg
  Go through these gates        Go past the church                     Foundry is through these big blue gates

Three hundred Irish warriors are supposed to have been hung alongside the church after the battle. Naked Irishmen are supposed to haunt our property, but no one that we know has run into into them as yet.



Our shop is in our 70 foot long stables

Click here to go straight to a birds eye view of the new Foundry premises. It is the big courtyard structure.

We have just about settled in to our new premises at East Stoke now: we are even getting all our orders out in a timely manner (within three days anyway).
For the time being, when we find that we are out of a pack of miniatures and will not be able to get it cast up within three days, we shall be sending your order out without the out of stock items.
We will stick a couple of free castings in with your package.  The balance of your order should arrive within a few days: we will slip a couple more free castings into that package too!
Our super-prompt usual service will be back very shortly.

Scottish or Irish Knight: one free with every order
Get this Splendid Perry-Sculpted Scotts/Irish Knight absolutely free with any and every order you place on our website.
We send him out with a shield for his left hand, but if you leave us a note in the comments box when you place your order we will send you a spear as well. 

Meanwhile, we are getting a fairly steady stream of visitors and hope to organize an equally steady supply of hot drinks and biscuits for their enjoyment.  We are also planning to dig out a selection from our huge collection of never-released or hardly-released models for visitors to see (or even purchase).  Early Russian Napoleonic Chasseurs in Bearskins anyone?
We are open on week days from 9am to 4pm. Sometimes we work later: so if you are passing in the evening and fancy calling in, it's worth giving us a ring to see if we are about. Though we are usually here, we do not always work on Saturdays as sometimes we don't have enough staff to cover (see jobs ad below!).
napoleon_news_image.pngEventually, we will have many painted models on display for visitors to see: when my Father left Games Workshop, part of the deal was that he got to take Citadel’s entire collection of painted models with him, many of which are historical models that are part of our range now.  See our ex-Citadel section LINK HERE. There are more than a hundred Citadel models from the “golden age” that have never seen production or even a camera.  All this may be some time away as we have to sort out many rooms and acquire many cabinets before we will be able to put them all properly on display.  However, if we can source a few suitable cabinets, we may have something to show you in a few months time.  We plan to use something like a mirror backed 2 inch deep picture frames hung on the walls, if we can find them, have then made or make them ourselves for reasonable price.

Steve Saleh's Persians

These Persians were sculpted for us by Steve Saleh in the same style as our World of the Greeks models. He only ever made six packs and they were never properly released until now. These are your late-ish sort of Persians: they cover a long period of history and geographical area. You can build an interesting unit with the sixteen variants of the standing spearmen. They paint up nicely. Click here to see them on our website.


Royal Navy Models

Our small range of Royal Navy models turned up during our factory move, so we have listed them here on our website. Click here to see them on our website.



SPECIAL ORDER MODELS: Visiting our more obscure ranges

We have quite a large number of models that are not currently available on our web site.  Some of these are older ranges that have somehow managed to fall off the site, but mostly they are ranges that were created during the period a few years ago when the Ansell family had stopped being involved with Foundry.


Since our return, we [the Ansells] have, in fact, been casting up some of those ranges for anybody who actually requested them.  So customers keen to purchase Normans and Saxons (Michael Bickley), Elizabethans, Medievals and Renaissance (Ronnie Shilton), Marlburians (Adam Gayford), Persians (sculpted by Martin Buck to go with the Steve Saleh Persians), Seven Years War French and Gauls (Rob Baker), English Civil War (Michael Percy), Zulu Wars (Ronnie made the Zulus and Rob Baker made the British) and the enormous Michael Percy Napoleonic ranges have been able to surreptitiously purchase them from us.  It's been a sort of strange private club.
As of now, we are going to experiment with supplying all of the above to anyone who gets in touch.  However, it's important to point out that these models are generally not in the sculpting style of our main ranges: in fact many of the sculptors involved have their own distinctive or even rather eccentric style.  So if you're interested, it is probably best to ask for a sample from whatever range you're interested in the next time you make an order with us!  [maximum one sample from three different ranges mind!] Email us to let us know you are interested and we will send you the pictures we have for the relevant ranges.

We don't actually have lists of any of these at the moment, though we plan to get to that shortly, but we do have complete sets of images for all these ranges which we will email to you on request. You're very welcome to ring us up or email for more information or to make an order.

ACW_news_image.pngWe have loads more “lost” ranges. We can't manage to offer all of them as yet, but we are also going to offer these unreleased ranges in the relatively near future. We will let you know when they become available: Hittites, Nubians, Ancient Spaniards, Trojans, Dark Age Germanic Tribesmen, Han Chinese, French Revolution.

Because some of these models are in a sculpting style different from what you might expect from Foundry, we probably won't be putting them up on our existing web site.  But if there is a reasonable demand we will eventually put them up on a site of their own.

In fact, we have had the Percy Napoleonics available in bargain regiments on our eBay site for a long time, but there are only a handful left now.

Imperial_Roman_news_image.pngArctic Grey Paint

Mysteriously, our paint manufacturer has been unable to supply us with the colour arctic grey for some weeks now.  It's a popular colour.  We know that this has been inconvenient for our customers and we hope to have this sorted out shortly. Click here for the complete list of all our paints.

Foundry Articles

Many of you will probably remember when the Foundry site was packed with articles about wargaming and military history.  We intend to start reinstating those articles as soon as we can.
We will be very pleased to receive articles for publication!

victorian_news_image.pngRecruiting: Jobs at Foundry

We’re still keen to recruit new staff.  Feel free to drop in for a chat or give us a call . We should shortly have an actual phone here in the Foundry courtyard.  Currently we are using a phone situated in the deep dark depths of Stoke Hall next door, so we have missed the odd call: but now we (well, Dean and Sam) have nearly finished digging a trench starting with the surrounding fields, then under the drive and across the lawn of the Hall.  This will allow us to install a new phone line directly into our courtyard hopefully next week.
Meanwhile, if I am not around when you ring, leave a message and I will get back to you.  Or you could catch me at a show.

We are looking for:

viking_news_image_2.pngA couple of general staff to set about general tasks.
Possible recruits to train up as casters and/or mould makers.
Someone who knows their way around a computer.  An actual computer whiz would be good if we can afford them!
Temporary and/or weekend work will be available.
We’d be pleased to see anyone with previous experience in the model soldier industry, also it would be good if we found staff who are or were local to the Newark or Nottingham area.
And Finally! We are going to start releasing packs from our various never released, barely released and not currently available ranges in the foreseable future: we will need to recruit more staff before we can put out significant quantities though.

Pricing and discounts

It's been a long time since we have had a price rise. Regrettably, we will have to have to implement one in the foreseeable future.

However, there are options.  For some time now we have had a policy of giving generous discount on larger orders with our Army Deal system: about a third of our orders are discounted.

Instead of just raising prices we could:

Remove discounts.

Reduce the discounts and reduce the price rise.

Make the minimum order value for discounts higher.
We will have to think about this one! Do not panic though: will not take action for at least four weeks.






The link in this picture actually goes to our paints. If you would like to see the 1983 Perry sculpted Wars of Religion range (otherwise know as Elizebethan) click HERE.

All the models on this page were painted using Foundry Paints.kevin1.png

The Foundry painting method uses three shades of each colour: building up in layers from dark to light to easily achieve a realistic three dimensional shaded effect without the need for blending.  The three layers of colour give real depth and subtlety to your work.  You will be able to start painting in the Foundry style straight away. With a little care you will soon be producing very fine, high quality models that would grace anyone's model soldier collection. We have arranged the colours in sets of three; each set provides a main colour, partnered with the shade and highlight colours that we would choose to use ourselves. 

All our paint pots contain a whopping 20ml of paint, and we have range of 288 different individual colours organised in matched sets of three. You can also purchase our pots individually.





List which extra packs you’d like in the comments box when you place your order. Otherwise, we’ll make sure that we choose something appropriate for you.
The official list of Ranges that qualify for our Discount Army Deals can be found HERE.
Regrettably, you can’t combine offers, count the same packs twice towards different ranges, or count packs that are bought as part of a deal such as a collection. However, we will be happy to supply you with as many different offers as you like!

We will be providing FREE SPEARS with appropriate models. We’ll just stick them in your box for you.

Click here for the Foundry News Archive. It's really just a list of most of the email newsletters we've sent out in the past. If you are interested in that sort of thing then we would recommend signing up for our email newsletters for releases, offers and other goings on here at Foundry when they are first announced.

Unfortunately many of the images in our news archive don't work any more. In thefuture we plan to work through and restore them, but for the time being: sorry about that!

Free shipping on orders £80 or over.

Free Foundry Bonus Packs!

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Scottish Knight
Get this Splendid Perry-Sculpted Scotts/Irish Knight absolutely free with any and every order you place on our website.

We send him out with a shield for his left hand, but if you leave us a note in the comments box when you place your order we will send you spear as well.