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Wargaming at Foundry

Get in touch if you would like to come and run events here!

What we would really like would be to have a regular club group meeting here at Foundry. So, we would welcome local gamers looking for a venue to get in touch with us.

Attendance & tea and coffee at all these events is free.

Our largest event of the year is Oldhammer. Click on the links below to get more information.

Oldhammer: Bring Our Your Lead!

Click here for information on the wargames shows we are attending this year, pre orders and our show stock. We also have pictures of our 40ft mobile show stand at various shows.



We have a reasonable amount of gaming activity here at Foundry now: most Saturdays we seem to have something going on. Some largish events are planned for later in the year.

However we would really like to have something more like a regular wargames club running here. We have loads of space and lots of tables and it would be great to see continual gaming activity through the weekends. Currently we open every Saturday: people wander in, have a look at whatever gaming might be going on, a bit of a chat with the other visitors or with Foundry staff, perhaps buy a few packs of models or of paints, have a cup of coffee and then wander off. We are enormously happy to have visitors, but what would really be marvellous would be to see loads of gamers turning up with their armies and actually fighting battles.
We've been trying for some time now to find a group, or groups, of gamers who would like to use us as a regular (or semiregular or occasional) venue. That's probably all we need to get things rolling. We haven't been successful as yet.
As a general thing we would be most comfortable with eventually finding a group of people who are not connected with Foundry in any way, other than being model soldier or gaming enthusiasts, to run things.

We think it might be a bit claustrophobic if what is after all a commercial organisation was figure heading and organising everything. We really don't want it to be the Wargames Foundry club. We really do want it to be a proper wargames and any other sort of gaming you fancy sort of club.


The last thing that we want is for people to imagine that we have set something up where people can only use Foundry models and/or Foundry rules, or particular scales, or periods, or whatever, including: Wargames Research Group, Warhammer, Napoleonic, Bolt Action, Rules with No Name, Colonial Skirmish, Talisman, Saga, Mantic Games... and whatever else you can think of. 

 We could certainly run a number of clubs and/or events here separately but simultaneously: we have loads of space and tables and facilities and whatever: Even tea urns!

So, if any of you would like to come and use our venue, as a one-off, or the beginnings of a more permanent arrangement, just get in touch and come along. If two of you, or four of you, or eight, fancy fielding your armies on a nicely terrained table that is much bigger than you could fit in your house, then we have the ideal venue and the ideal table (and tea and coffee). Evening gaming can be arranged with no problem, it just needs to be organised in advance as our insurance requires us to have members of staff on the premesis.