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Darkest Africa: Explorers

Early European Explorers tended to wear clothes of a cut and colour popular at home, or a specially made, often idiosyncratic, travelling costume. Later a white, grey or pale khaki uniform with a tropical helmet or wide brimmed hat became the norm. Some of the more famous explorers were associated with a particular costume:

Livingstone - a red smock and a blue peaked cap with a gold band.

Baker - a loose smock and trousers, dyed in natural shades, with a peaked cap and neckflap.

Speke - based on a famous painting: light brown trousers, a greenish tweed waistcoat with many pockets, and a check shirt.

Stanley - a frogged jacket and curious hat of his own devising, in a pale shade of khaki.

Flags - expeditions starting in Zanzibar usually carried the Sultan's plain red flag, and often a national flag too.  Stanley's great trans-African expedition of 1876-7 carried a red Zanzibari flag, a Stars and Stripes and a small handmade Union Jack.

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