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Sumerians & Akkadians 3000BC - 1793BC

The Sumerian city states warred against each other from 3000 BC until they were united by Lugal Zagesi. Sargon of Akkad defeated Lugal Zagesi's huge army and founded the Akkadian Empire which stretched from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean. The empire was overthrown by Gutian invaders from Iran who were in turn driven out by resurgent Sumerian cities led by Utuhegal. His general Urnammu founded the Empire of Ur which lasted until overthrown by Amorite and Elamite invaders in 1793 BC.

Sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry. Click here for more historical information and a quick painting guide by Nigel Stillman.

All of the models on our website were painted with Foundry Paint. For comprehensive descriptions of how to use the Foundry Method are shown in Kevin Dallimore's Painting Guides which link from the drop down menu above under Paint. Now fully illustrated and available as free PDF downloads.