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Darkest Africa: Ruga Ruga

Ruga-Ruga were bandits and mercenaries, recruited from runaway slaves, ex soldiers and disaffected tribesmen.  They smoked hemp, dressed in tattered finery and generally acted tough.  They were often recruited by African warlords like Mirambo or Msiri to fight the musket armed Arabs.  To make up a Ruga-Ruga army mix the models in these packs with some askaris, musket armed tribesmen and tribal spearmen.

Clothing - a mixture of askari, Zanzibari and tribal styles. Red cloaks were sometimes worn.  To fit in with their general style, loincloths would be in coloured (often red) and/or patterned fabrics where possible. Officers wore Zanzibari-style white gowns with red or blue coats.

Hats - large turbans (red if possible) with feathers, feathered tribal headdresses and probably fezzes.

Ornaments - hung with charms, lots of ivory bangles, brass or copper wire around wrists and ankles.