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Thirty Years War

While England was in the midst of fighting its own Civil War, most of mainland Europe was fighting out the final rounds of a longer, more widespread and bloody conflict. The Thirty Years War raged from 1618 to 1648 and was the proving ground in which many of the English and Scottish soldiers fighting in the English Civil War learned their trade. Most of these soldiers were members of Swedish mercenary companies and regiments.

What with the overlapping time frame and the considerable first-hand British involvement as mercenaries and adventurers in the Thirty Years War, and the “cross-fertilisation” that occurred from returning English and Scots soldiers, along with Europeans from Prince Rupert to Vermuyden who fought on both sides in the English Civil War, it won’t be surprising that models from Foundry’s Thirty Years War Range can, and indeed are intended to, strengthen and enhance the English Civil War Range, and vice-versa!

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