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Winter opening hours may vary, please call ahead to check that we are open.

Sorry, our shop is closed on Saturdays until further notice.
We are open 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday.
We have thirty thousand packs of miniatures on display as well as our entire range of paints and books.  We also have gaming tables set up for our visitors to use and if you'd like to have an event here at Foundry we can even arrange food. 
The Carriage Court
Stoke Hall
Church Lane
East Stoke
01636 526 886
Foundry is situated somewhere around the middle of England, in a small, attractive village called East Stoke. East Stoke is on the old Fosse Way, which runs parallel with the new A46. It is a few miles south of Newark upon Trent (home of Newark Castle and birth place of Citadel Miniatures).
When you travel through East Stoke, you will see a rundown old restaurant in the middle of the village, opposite the old restaurant is School Lane. Turn into School Lane. You will drive past a few houses at first,  then there will be fields on both sides of you.

You are passing the battlefield of East Stoke on your left (last battle of the War of the Roses, bloodiest battle in British history (we host tours of the battlefield which are organised by Julian Humphries the military historian: we also provide the food here at Stoke Hall) there is a good book by Michael Bennett called 'Lambert Simnel and the Battle of Stoke'.
At the time of the battle, Stoke Hall was a leper colony. We have a statue of St 'Leprosy' Leonard embedded in one of our walls.

It won't be long before you reach the main gates of Stoke Hall situated on your right. Drive past the gates: you are headed further up the road. Next, you will pass under our bridge.


Drive past these gates Go under the crumbly bridge

Go under the bridge and close by you will see another set of gates on your right: these are also labelled as Stoke Hall, this time you turn right and drive through the gates, along a muddy drive, go past the Church towards the big blue gates and park up. We think it looks like La Haye Saint. Ours was built in 1812: I don't know about La Haye Saint.
You have arrived.


Go through these gates Go past the church Foundry is through these big blue gates

Three hundred Irish warriors are supposed to have been hung alongside the church after the battle. Naked Irishmen are supposed to haunt our property, but no one that we know has run into into them as yet.


This is what the inside of our Courtyard looks like: Bryan chose the blue for the doors.


 Our shop is in our 110 foot long stables to the right as you go in.
The entrance is under the FOUNDRY sign.

Bryan Ansell's Collection

These cabinets of painted miniatures are to your right as you enter the shop.

This one is over on the left: it's where we put most of our old Citadel medievals.

The entire Foundry Paint System is displayed in triads next to our main figure cabinet.

We have more cabinets going right down to the far end of the building.

There's a huge variety of historical and fantasy miniatures from the collections of Bryan Ansell and Foundry on display.

Anyone is welcome to use the scenery left out on our bookshelves for wargaming in our shop. We have a large selection of the extremely high quality scenery from the Dark Age and Frostgrave ranges by Adrian's Walls available to use as well as plenty of different trees, rocks and walls.

Wargaming in our shop during Bring Out Your Lead 2017.

Let us know if you would like us to reserve a table for you.

We have thousands of different packs of models on display as well as gaming tables and scenery for anyone to use.


 Click here to go straight to a birds eye view of the new Foundry premises. It is the big courtyard structure.


CCTV recording is in operation.