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Early American Indians

25mm sAmerican Indians suitable for the 16th, 17th, 18th and early 19th Centuries. Sculpted by Aly Morrison.

Powhaton War 1622-44
Pequot War 1637
Alqonquin-Dutch War 1641-45
Iroquios-French Wars 1642-96
Iroquios-Huron War 1648-50
Dutch-Indian War 1655-64
Winnetago-Illinois War 1671
King Philip’s War 1675-76
First Abernaki War 1675-78
Pueblo Uprising 1680
King William,s War 1689-97
Second Abernaki War 1702-12
Queen Anne’s War (War of Spanish Succession) 1702-13
Deerfield Massacre 1704
Tuscarora War 1711-12
Yarnasee War 1715-16
Can also be used for War of Jenkins Ear/Austrian Succession and French & Indian Wars/SYW as West coast Indains hired to fight in the East.