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Bring Out Your Lead!

Wargames Foundry will be hosting the Oldhammer ‘Bring Out Your Lead’ 2024 event at our shop in East Stoke, Newark, Nottinghamshire. From Friday, 2nd August - Sunday, 4th August 2024.

Click here for more information.

"BRING OUT YOUR LEAD is the annual gaming event that brings together the best of the tabletop retrogaming community, held on the first weekend of August at our shop in East Stoke near Newark, Nottinghamshire..

There will be demo games, participation games, a spectacular amount of vintage fantasy and science fiction miniatures on display, old-school gaming paraphernalia, great beer and much more.

The event is open to casual moochers, as well as the hardcore Oldhammer fanatic, so feel free to drop in and see what’s going on.

…And, whilst the event is all about celebrating old games and old figures – any and all games and figures are welcome"

For more info: here


Friday, 2nd of August - Sunday, 4th August, 2024.


Friday, 4th of August - Sunday, 6th of August, 2023. 


Friday, 5th of August - Sunday, 7th of August, 2022.

Goblin Master Kevin Adams was sculpting heads for charity again and managed to raise £970 for Prostate Cancer UK (the total included two donations after the event and gift aid).


After skipping a year due to COVID, we held our belated eighth BOYL in October this year. 

Our group photo was inside this year due to the rain!
Tony Ackland with his portfolios.
Foundry staff, friends and organisers group photo.
Squad category painting competition winner.
Single figure category painting competition winner.
Judges choice painting competition winner.
Big 'thing' category painting competition winner.


Wow! Another year, another Oldhammer - and this year was our biggest and best yet. 

Tony Ackland and Trish Carden
Goblin Master Kevin Adams was there on the Saturday sculpting custom heads for people in aid of prostate cancer. He raised a record total of £260 this year.
Diane Ansell escorting John Blanche to the annual Oldhammer group photo.
A line up of Citadel legends. Alan Merrett, Tony Yates, Tony Ackland, John Blanche, Bryan Ansell, Diane Ansell, Rick Priestley, Nigel Stillman, Chrissy Hudson.
Organiser Garth presenting the awards for the painting competition.
Judges choice painting competition winner.
Big 'thing' category painting competition winner.
Squad category painting competition winner.
Single figure category painting competition winner .
 The Goblin Master sculpting heads for the que of people waiting patiently to get a custom Kevin Adams sculpt of their own. 
Painting competition entries.
John Blanche & Tony Yates judging this year's painting competition.
Tony Yates, John Blanche, Garth James, Rick Priestley, David Wood and Mark Stevenson.
Artist Tony Yates was in residence again, drawing for people and showing his collection of sculpts. Seen here talking to Mark Stevenson and David Wood.
The Shrine of Rigg game by Steve Beales made another appearance on the Sunday.
Games spilled out from the marque and the shop to fill the courtyard.
 See you next year!


Thanks to Mark Stevenson and Tony Yates for their photos.

Obligatory annual group photo, this time we had chairs!

Organiser Garth announcing the painting competition winners.

The three winners.

Kevin Adams joined us on the Sunday to sculpt heads and raise money for St Nicholas Hospice.

The Shrine of Rigg game by Steve Beales.

Tony Yates was of course present to talk, draw and discuss old concept art.

Mark Stevenson was kind enough to bring along a selection of his old Asgard figures to put on display over the weekend.

John Blanche and Mark Stevenson. John dropped by on the Saturday.

Curtis Fell's Helsreach.

And many more games going on over all three days.

We have four new packs of Ex Citadel models cast especially for Bring Out Your Lead 2018; Reavers, Barbarians, Marauders & Outlaws. Now available online.




A short video kindly shot by Alex Brooks.

Group photo from Saturday lunch time, thank you to everyone who joined us over the weekend and especially to those who spent all three days with us.

Bryan Ansell and Tony Ackland. (Picture via Tony Yates via Mark Stevenson)

GoblinMaster Kevin Adams was once again sculpting heads and raising money for charity, below are just a few examples of the work he did over the weekend.

Bryan Ansell, Diane Ansell, Rick Priestley, John Stallerd

Bryan and Diane with Rick Priestley and John Stallard.
In the end 5 people from the 1985 Who's Who at Citadel article turned up at BOYL 2017:

Also in attendance was the legendary Nigel Stillman.
A few lucky people got to see the actual Bretonnian army he used at Games Workshop including the one off figures he sculpted for it as well as masters of his unreleased range of ancient buildings.

The illusive Anti Chrissy returns to the wargames industry after 34 years especially to attend BOYL 2017. Here she is with her favourite figures: the Green, Blue and Great Fire Dragons:

Her last sighting had been in the bottom left of this picture of Citadel Miniatures staff from 1982:

Every year there is a painting competition. This time around we were we uncharacteristically prepared (probably due to organiser Garth and his sign up sheets).

The categories were: Single Figure, Unit, Big Thing.

Winner of an honourable mention, the 'Inconvenienced Minotaur' by Steve Casey.

Organiser Garth announcing the painting competition winners.

The winners!

Artist and friend of Foundry, Tony Yates was present with his table of art and miniatures. Seen here with Dave Wood.

Tony Yates and Maria Ansell (Thanks Dave for the photo).

One of Tony's sculpts was a prize for the painting competition last year and made it's way back in to a game this year!

In the shop where people could have a browse in-between gaming.

One of the two new cabinets we added to the shop just in time for B.O.Y.L. Filled with all sorts of special editions and conversions you may recognise from the pages of White Dwarf.

The second shelf from the top was mostly full of the Tony Yates sculpted figures Bryan used to play Laserburn and playtest Rogue Trader.

We also changed most of our display to old Citadel and Games Workshop figures from Bryan's Collection. Most these figures had been in storage for a very long time until sorted out relatively recently by Steve Casey. We tried to arrange them in the same groups as the original White Dwarf releases as much as possible so that you could get a proper look at the paintjobs shown on the Stuff of Legends website.

This cabinet was recently installed and filled entirely with 1980s Citadel human armies: Men at Arms, Normans and Feudals. All these figures are still in production today.

The Marquee was a bustle of excitement with multiple games going on in every corner.
(Some of these pictures via Tony Yates blog )

The Snorkling Space Hoppers game, we hear that there are plans for more additions, exclusive miniatures and an orcling raptor game next year?! 

We had to include this Orcling/Beatles conversion.


Diane Ansell saying farewell to Tony Ackland at the train station, until next year Tony!

 We are already thinking about B.O.Y.L 2018, by then I am sure we will have found lots more painted models to display and release.

Save the date August the 3rd 4th & 5th 2018.




For a great recap visit Tony Yates blog here.



Bring Our Your Lead!  Special guests included: Tony Ackland, Kevin Adams and Wayne England.

We displayed original art and painted models from the personal collection of Bryan Ansell.

Credit to this year's photos and captions to James Taylor (thanks James!) you can read his full recap here.
"Kev Adams was in residence on the Friday and Saturday. He spent a long time raising money to a charity close to his heart by sculpting people's faces onto existing miniatures."
" A personal highlight for the author of this blog was spending time in the company of Tony Ackland. He had brought along a large collection of his artworks and was more than happy to discuss each piece (in considerable depth) with fans, as well as share a few amusing anecdotes of the Golden Age."
"Tony's artwork was very impressive. There was a very large number of illustrations including several that we think have never been published before."
" Tony Yates was about on the Saturday - sharing his artwork and providing sketches for enthusiasts. It is always nice to see Tony and his bright, original models were fantastic to see in more detail."
" Steve Beales' (Thantsants) incredible pirate ship. The different decks were modelled in great detail to allow for boarding actions. A real achievement."

Once again this August 2014 Foundry hosted the Oldhammer weekend (well Friday afternoon to Sunday). This time it was at our new premises which included a great marquee in the middle of the courtyard with gaming tables and the bar as well as the other tables in amongst our shop.

Attendance was up on last year, and there was a great variety of games being played from the giant siege centrepiece using Warhammer through Necromunda, Epic, 40K, Gorkamorka, HeroQuest and more.

Everyone seemed to have a great time gaming, even when the weather turned rainy and windy (luckily the gusts of wind which lifted the marquee a foot into the air happened after the games had finished - we were literally hanging in there at this point).

The Oldhammer Goblins were distributed and the painting competitions received more entries than last year with a high standard of painting much in evidence.


       Photo of Attendees Saturday afternoon

The Besieging Army and the outerworks of the Defenders.

The first day combatants (and Cyber-Rob looking on)

Marcus and the Bar-Staff

Ernie's Chicken joins the retreating column as it hurries to gain the safety of the walls.




Thank you very much to everyone who turned up to the Oldhammer weekend! We all very much enjoyed having you here and you are all very welcome to come back again.

We especially enjoyed seeing the wonderful collections of models that were about on the day as well as meeting many of the people whose blogs we follow.

We will be putting lots more pictures up shortly, but for now here are a few highlights and some of the Golden Gobbo painting competition entries (the ones that were about when I was photographing stuff at the end of the last day, anyway).

Special thanks to the organisers who made everything happen.

This is what our main room looked like at Oldhammer Day

Robert Townsend making sure no one is spilling beer on his tables!

Rumble in the Jungle - One of the great participation games that were going on
Rumble in the Jungle was one of the great participation games that was being run by members of the B.L.O.O.D. forum.
Realm of Chaos open table
The Realm of Chaos Open Table seemed to be very popular throughout the weekend.

Nico's Golden Gobbo entry came first place!

This is terribly embarrassing but unfortunately we don't know who any of these other entries belong to!
It would be great if someone could drop us an email to let us know.


The mushrooms are a very nice touch!

Rick Priestley Signing copied of third edition Warhammer
Rick Priestley signing copies of third edition Warhammer.

James Taylor Garth James and Bryan Ansell
Two of the organisers: James Taylor and Garth James chatting with Bryan Ansell.

John Stallard Rick Priestley James Taylor
John Stallard, Rick Priestley and James Taylor

John comes in whenever he needs more models for his personal collection.
Nico, Bryan & Paul
Nico, Bryan & Paul.
The game Nico and Paul put on was very impressive with hundreds of exquisitely painted miniatures.

the bar staff

The Bar Staff.
They were really good at calming down all the fights that broke out!