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Wargames Shows & Events


Ring us up on 01636 526 886 or send an email to customers@wargamesfoundry.com if you would like to pre order anything to pick up at a show.

Upcoming events:

5th February 2023 - Vapnartak, York Racecourse

4th March 2023 - Hammerhead, Newark Showground

21st May 2023 - Partizan, Newark Showground

22nd April 2023 - Salute, ExCeL London

Past events:

June 2020 - Broadside, Sittingbourne, Kent

16th June 2020 - Battle of Stoke Field   

12th September 2020 - Colours, Newbury Racecourse 

25th September 2021 - Carronade, Falkirk (Graeme High School, Callender Road) 

10th October 2021 - Partizan, Newark

17th October 2021 - SELWG, The Lee Valley Sports Centre, London

26th & 27th November 2021 - Warfare, Ascot Race Course

6th February 2022 - Vapnartak, York Racecourse

5th March 2022 - Hammerhead, Newark Showground

22nd May 2022 - Partizan, Newark Showground


Our mobile Wargames Show stand is 40ft long and carries around 1,200 different packs of models as well as our entire range of paint palettes and our painting, modelling and wargaming rule books.

This is still only a small part of our range, so we encourage anyone to let us know if they are interested in having a look at any of our other models. We are very happy to bring anything along to a show with us for you to see with no obligation to buy.

Although we will be carrying our entire paint range in palettes, single pots of paint need to be pre ordered.


Here are some pictures of our stand at various Wargames Shows we have been to:

Warcon Ghent

Warcon Ghent, Belgium 2019

Vapnartak, York 2015

Hamburger Tactica, Germany 2015


Broadside, Sittinghbourne 2017

Crisis, Antwerp 2016