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Old West

Download "The Rules With No Name" (or “A Fistful Of Dice”) by Bryan Ansell for free HERE.

'A straight forward set of rules for trigonometry, bloodshed and mayhem in the Old West. Also suited to The American Civil War & various struggles south of the border down Mexico way'

We sell a specialised Old West paint set which contain faded leathers, rough rawhides, deep browns and a whole dusty load of sand for painting the rough ridin' denziens of the Old West. This set contains thirty six water based acrylic paints. Browse our paint sets here!

Painting Old West model gives you a fine opportunity to use all those lovely browns and muted colours that you can’t use on more regular older historical periods, also you can splash on a bit of colour here and there. And you get to paint some of the meanest and moodiest models in the Foundry range!

For guidance on using the Foundry Paint System: The Foundry Painting & Modelling guide by Kevin Dallimore