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CONGO BUNDLE 3 - All four factions, the Adventure Pack and the Rulebook (15% off and free shipping)


This bundle allows you to build a 70pt Column for each of the four factions in CONGO as well as the figures needed to play the Adventures that come with the Rulebook. Includes 112 figures, 59 assorted cast spears, 35 shields, 4 animals, 4 totems and a war drum.


  • CONGO Rulebook (hardcover,108 pages,full colour)
  • Deck of 44 cards
  • Punch out sheet of tokens and measuring sticks needed for the game
  • 4 x double sided "The Bulletin" sheets (8 Adventures for the game)
  • Double sided Dangerous Terrain cardboard sheet
  • The White Men Expeditions Box Set
  • The Sultanate of Zanzibar Box Set
  • The Forest Tribes Box Set
  • The African Kingdoms Box Set
  • The Adventure Pack Box Set

Not Included:

  • Dice (D6, D8 and D10)
  • Scenery
  • Bases

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