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Congo Mary: The Throne Of Thunder Book & Box Set

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From Studio Tomahawk, the creators of CONGO, SAGA, Muskets & Tomahawks, and Jugula:


This box set give you all the models you need to play the new Studio Tomahawk campaign for Congo: Congo Mary: The Throne of Thunder.


  • Wiseman
  • Doctor
  • Archaeologist
  • The Diviner
  • 1 Leopard
  • 1 Hippo
  • 1Elephant
  • 3 Hyenas

Contains 10 miniatures which are supplied unpainted. Bases not included.Some assembly required.


Congo Mary:The Throne of Thunder is a complete campaign for Congo, Adventures in the Heart of Africa. Congo Mary recounts one of the heroic journeys of British explorer Mary Kingsley. It culminates with her ascension of Mount Camaroon -also known as the Throne of Thunder.

The campaign is made up of a series of adventures, linked together by an ongoing story-line and by special rules that allow players to develop and hopefully flourish as the plot unfolds. This campaign will entertain and surprise you,offer many hours of wonder,some stimulating setbacks and considerable pleasure.

This campaign has been written specifically for two players, each one stepping into the shoes of one of the two protagonists of this perilous quest: British explorer Mary Kingsley andUguwa a powerfulsorcerer.

After facing up to the challenge of six new adventures (six new scenarios) you will face off in what we guarantee to be an epic and breathtaking finale.

Congo Mary: the Throne of Thunder,Contains:

- Congo Mary book (44 pages long)

- 6 new adventures

- 2 new Dangerous terrain tables

- 2 campaign maps, for the end of the campaign

- A reference sheet with the new characters

- Includes 2 models from Studio Tomahawk, British Explorer Mary Kingsley and Uguah, a powerful sorcerer. While stocks last. Supplied unpainted.

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