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Louis XIV, Charlemagne, New Christmas Model - We Are Still Shipping!

Foundry Specials

We are still open and shipping orders through our website and over the phone. Our shop in East Stoke is closed to visitors again until further notice. 

Fortunately, this means you can still get these exciting new models we have just added to the website. Starting with: Louis XIV, Charlemagne & a Napoleon Caricature. Previously a short lived Foundry special pack, now back and available to buy individually.

NEW Christmas Model

Foundry's 2020 Christmas model is here! You can shop our full range of Christmas models and gift ideas in our Christmas collection. Don't forget that we have a wish list feature on our website which lets you collect all your favourites then share them via email as a not so subtle hint.

Sculpted by Kevin Adams, painted Example by Andy Firth.


Two packs from our range of Incas have expanded from 6 to 8 model packs with the addition of figures missing from their original moulds. INC017 - Inca Allies: Colla Warriors & INC018 - Inca Allies: Colla Spearmen.

Gigantic Eagle

Making it's return after a short stay in the Foundry vaults, our Gigantic Eagle is back! With an impressive wingspan of nearly 150mm it would make an impressive addition to any collection.

Tony Yates

We have created a dedicated collection page to artist and friend of Foundry, Tony Yates. We have added all pre-existing models here (including his Wolfman and Lord of Chaos) and added his two most recent sculpts; Elephant Detective and Aged Warrior.

African Elephant

For all of our Congo & Darkest Africa fans, our African Elephant which has previously only been available as part of or 'The Throne of Thunder' box set, is now available to buy separately.

Roman Ambassadors

Another missing pack had returned to its rightful place: CIV018 - Roman Ambassadors includes 5 models and a chest.

Hussar Wings

By popular request, our Hussar wings are now available to buy separately as four pairs for £10.

Thanks for reading - Maria

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