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Click here to shop our Athenian range. PAINTING SPARTAN AND ATHENIAN ARMIES By Steve Saleh Helmets - Polished bronze generally, some Athenian officers may have some details picked out in silver. Ancient polished bronze appears to be more of a gold colour than the typical reddish bronze tone we think of today. Occasionally the dome part of the helmet may be coloured, red being the colour most often used for this. Spartan Pilos helmets were left unadorned. Crests - Spartan rank and file helmets remained without horsehair crests in this period, only officers' helmets were crested. Junior officers had the normal front...

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Click here to shop our Spartans range. The Spartiates were an elite component of the Spartan army but they were only the core, direct client cities that provided troops were also expected to have a high level of training. Although this did not match the standard of the Spartans it was still considerably better than most of their opponents. In addition small cities would be expected to supply contingents of Hoplites who would have only the most basic of training. Spartan armies in this period do not seem to have used cavalry to any noticeable degree and seldom employed mercenaries,...

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English Civil War

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Marlburians/ War of the Spanish Succession/ Great Northern War

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Pirates And Swashbucklers

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