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Arthurian British

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Britain underwent momentous changes in the 5th century AD. At the beginning of the century the last elements of it's Roman field army left for the Continent to fight in another of the Empire's interminable civil wars and never returned. The Picts, Germans and Scots-Irish subsequently intensified their raids into full scale invasions, which fragmented the former Roman province into independent Kingdoms ruled by local warlords.

This was the setting in which the tale of King Arthur - champion of Brython, warlord, enemy of the Eastern church and hammer of the barbarians - evolved and grew to mythic proportions. While we have absolutely no concrete evidence for his existence, his legend significantly influenced the psyche of succeeding generations, so I shall include some appropriate notes for those who may wish to game this ‘fantasy’ character. Scroll down for more historical information by Adrian Garbett.

Late Romans and Saxons can also be used with Arthurian infantry and cavalry for greater variety and vise versa. Our Franks and Saxons are also very useful for Arthurian armies.

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