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Bavarian Napoleonic 1808 - 1815

Bavaria fought alongside France from 1805 until 1813; regarding themselves as partners to the French, rather than subservient auxilliaries. With eleven regiments of infantry, six of light infantry and six of Chevauxlegers, you could actually field their entire army on a wargames table. 

Uniforms of the Line and Light Infantry were of the same cut but of distinct colours, so all infantry can be used for either unless stated otherwise. The armed might of Maximillian Joseph of Bavaria continued the history of Bavarian support for France until the events of 1813 forced a change of alliances. Unfortunately for the Bavarians their first battle on the side of the allies was to be Napoleon's next victory, for, as they attempted to block the French withdrawal at Hanau, they were swept aside. Nevertheless, they were generally good soldiers, and while they had only taken a secondary role in the campaigns of 1805-1807, they were fully committed to both the 1809 campaign and the Russian adventure of 1812.

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