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Darkest Africa: Masai Warriors

Fearless, pastoral nomads who pursued their dream of gathering more and more cattle, the haughty, savage and spectacular Masai terrified the Zanzibari Slavers. Entire caravans were slaughtered and the heads of porters and guards laid out neatly alongside their packs. They were equally feared by neighbouring farming tribes who retreated to refuges in forests and mountains or built fortified villages. A series of civil wars disrupted their society and left them weakened, and their unwillingness to adapt their tactics in the face of European firepower undermined their military power.

Our Packs of Masai warriors are supplied WITH SHIELDS but without cast spears or weapons. We expect that most of you will want to use our already flattened and shaped wire spears that we send out free with all the models that need them: the problem with cast spears is that they are just not durable enough. However, we do have cast Masai spears and are happy to sell them to you seperately.