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These Gallic Infantry, Cavalry and Chariots were sculpted by Rob Baker as well as the Gauls from our Caesarian Romans range (CR035, CR036, CR037, CR038, CR777) sculpted by Mark Copplestone as part of our Caesarian Romans range, these Gauls are especially suitable for use as Roman allies.

Gallic nobles would be well armed, with some wearing chainmail shirts and most with helmets. They would all carry decorated shields.

All these chariots come with 2 horses and 2 crew models.

During and after Julius Caesar’s conquest of Gaul the Romans employed Gallic cavalry as auxiliaries. Caesar referred to armoured Gallic cavalry as equites or ‘knights’ in his commentaries on the Gallic War. Gallic cavalrymen also fought for Hannibal’s Carthaginian army.

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