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It is likely that the Picts, or Cruithni as they called themselves, spread into the northernmost parts of the British mainland from the Orkney Islands, only really making an impact when the Caledonian tribes barring their way to the south were defeated by the Romans under Septimius Severus in the early 3rd century. From the 3rd to the 9th centuries they raided the Roman province of Britain, then took on the Sub-Roman Successor states and the Germanic kingdoms that followed, only falling to the increasing pressure of Scots-Irish settlers in their own homeland that led to the creation of the joint kingdom of  Scotland or Alba in 846 AD. It is interesting to note that although many peoples fought with or for the Picts, the Picts themselves seem to have been notable in the armies of other peoples only by their absence! In wargaming terms the Pictish period is split by the disappearance of the chariot, which seems to have fallen out of favour with the Picts relatively late, between 400 and 500 AD.

Our Picts were sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry. Click here for more historical information by Adrian Garbett.

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