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BRV231 Loyal Sikhs


Hodson's Horse in the Indian Mutiny: Sowars had mostly khaki tunics and bright red turbans and cummerbunds.

Officers had grey helmets with red pugris, khaki tunics with red pointed cuffs, black leather belts and scabbard slings, Breeches white or buff, high black boots, red sash, black horse furniture and blueShabraques that wereedged yellow. Use the helmeted British Officer in BRV226 or the Dragoon Guards officer from BRV225.

Probyn's Horse in the Second China War: Slate turban, red cummerbund, dark blue-grey tunic, white breeches. Some officers are shown in dark trousers which seem to match the tunic colour. Usethe helmeted British Officer in pack BRV226

Fane's Horse in the Second China War: Red turban and cummerbund, grey tunic, blue breeches, black boots. Saddlecloth blue with 2 red lines around the edge.

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