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The North West Frontier 1880-1908

The various hill dwelling tribes of the North West Frontier engaged the Anglo-Indian Army in a whole series of campaigns in the second half of the 19th Century. The land concerned was west of the river Indus as far as the Afghan borders - an area approximately 450 miles long and 100 miles wide.

Campaigns included:

  • Black Mountain expeditions of 1868, 1888 and 1891
  • Chitral Campaign 1895
  • Risings in the Swat Valley
  • Tirah and Tochi Campaigns of 1897.

The main tribal groups were the northern tribes (including Chitralis and Kuhistanis), the Pathan tribes (including Swatis, Waziris and Afredis) and the Baluchi tribes to the south.

Some of the North West Frontier range can also be used in East Africa with our Darkest Africa range. The Sikh Infantry, Indian Artillery Crew and British Officers are particularly useful.

Also listed here is the Afghan Regular Army 1860-85.