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World War Two British

The main part of our World War Two range was sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry. Our British Home Guard and German Paratroopers and Aircrew seem to be especially popular for scenarios based on fictional invasions of England: some of us even think that the Nun's shoes in the British Characters pack look suspiciously like 'she' is wearing German Paratrooper boots.

We also have British Commandos and Airborne troops for wargaming operations and raids on the European mainland, as well as Germans to fight them. The pack of German sentries as well the checkpoint are particularly popular for stealthy raid scenarios.

Our Chindits and Royal Marines are from a British in Burma range that was started by Shane Hoyle many years ago. He never got very far, but customers often ring us up or email to ask about the models, so we thought we would list them here anyway.

Go to our paint sets to see our World War Two Starter Paint Set, which contains 36 carefully selected drab green, khaki and earthy brown paints, as well as 6 brushes and our 'commando attack' model, which is only available as part of this paint set.

BRITISH:  All these models were sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry. Our Home Guard are some of the most popular models we produce.