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Hittites - Turkey And Syria 1400BC - 850BC

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Hattusilis I united the Hattic kingdoms and founded the Hittite Kingdom. Later kings gradually conquered surrounding regions. The Empire reaches its greatest extent with the conquests of Suppiluliuma I who defeated Arzawa and Mitanni. Muwatalli defended Hittite gains in Syria against the Egyptians, inflicting a defeat on the Egyptians in a massed chariot battle at Kadesh. Hattusili III made peace with Egypt and contended with the Kaska invaders and Achaian adventurers as well as the rising power of Assyria. Later kings extended Hittite rule over Cyprus. The Empire ultimately fell to Kaska, Phrygian and sea People invasions. Hittite Carchemish and other successor kingdoms survived much longer to defy the Assyrians.

The Hittites fought other Anatolian kingdoms, notably Arzawa, the Hurrian empire of Mitanni, Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, the Kaska tribes, the Lukka pirates, Achaians, Cypriots, Syrians and had civil wars.

Sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry.


Units of 50, 300, 600 & 1000 men. Contingents drawn from vassal kingdoms with treaty obligations.

Best Troops - Excellent chariotry.

Typical Allies & Mercenaries - Syrians, Hurrians, Anatolians, Sea-Peoples.

Terrain - Homeland; rugged highlands, plains, steppes and forests. Often invaded Phoenicia, Syria, Caucasian mountains and Mesopotamian plains.

Hypothetical Encounters - Hittites vs Mycenaeans in Cyprus, Hittites vs Trojans. Hittites vs Solomon’s Israel, Hittites & Egyptians vs Early Assyrians.


Skin Tones - Turkish complexion, dark hair.

Clothing - White linen/woollen robes. Leather armour tinted red and blue.

Weapons & Armour - Bronze. Scale armour in alternating coloured rows.

Shields - Bull-hide or painted. Possible colours red, blue, black, white, natural wood, leather.

Chariots - Wooden slat construction, probably painted. Colours as for shields.

Horses - Black, chestnut, grey. Leather scale armour bards.

Standards - Gilded bronze with coloured streamers.

Bases - Desert, grassland or steppe with tufts of coarse grass and stones.

Text by Nigel Stillman.


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